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Short Bow

The short bow is usually made from a single piece of wood and is about three feet long. Two hands are necessary to utilize the short bow despite its size, and this is also necessary for all other types of [Read More...]

English Longbow

Among the most popular and well-renowned bows throughout history was the English longbow. A self bow – which is a bow created from a piece of good wood – was commonly made from a yew tree, but other materials were [Read More...]

Horn Bow

A horn bow, which is also sometimes referred to as the composite bow, is created using numerous materials such as sinew, horn, and wood which are fixed together using animal glue. These specific materials required considerable work even before these [Read More...]


The flatbow is a specific type of bow that features a flat, non-recurved, and relatively wide limb that generally has a rectangular-shaped cross section. Since its limbs are wide, the flatbow usually gets narrower and deeper along its handle which [Read More...]

Mongolian Bow

The Mongolian bow - which is also referred to as the Mongolian recurve bow - is a kind of recurved composite bow that was utilized in Mongolia. From the seventeenth century onwards, almost all of the traditional and classic bows [Read More...]

Traditional Bow

The traditional bow and arrow have been utilized for thousands of years and this has also assisted men for a variety of tasks and activities: the use of these bows have provided protection, food, as well as recreation for people [Read More...]

Compound Bow

In modern-day archery, the compound bow is a piece that makes use of a levering system that commonly utilizes pulleys and cables to bend the bow’s limbs. The compound bow can easily be identified from the other types of bows [Read More...]

Scythian Bow

The Scythians were known as a nomadic ethnic group that ruled the steppes from the eighth until the third century BC (this was almost around five hundred years in total). These people were greatly known for their skills to shoot [Read More...]

Yumi Bow

The practice of Japanese archery is called the kyudo, and this art can be traced all the way back to two origins: one is combat archery that is linked with hunting and warfare, while the other is the ceremonial form [Read More...]

Bows for Sale

In this day and age, bows and arrows are mainly utilized for the sport of archery and for hunting; this is the reason why enthusiasts of such activities will be able to find a variety of bows for sale online. [Read More...]

Reflex Bow

In archery, the bow is said to be the product and creation of an intricate relationship of stresses that is designed to consider and determine the performance, production materials, as well as the intended use of the bow. A horse [Read More...]

Samurai Bow

The yumi is known as the Japanese term for a bow, and as utilized in English, yumi generally refers to the traditional asymmetrical bows of the Japanese. These include the shorter hankyu and the longer daiky? which were both utilized [Read More...]

Composite Bow

People who are interested and are fond of archery usually have a set of questions regarding the art, and the most common one would be what is a composite bow? Generally speaking, a composite bow is known as a traditional [Read More...]


Translated from Nihongo (Japanese), the word Kyudo literally means “the way of the bow”. Kyudo is known as a Japanese martial art wherein an individual’s body and mind is trained, as well as disciplined in shooting a Japanese bow and [Read More...]


A longbow is a tall type of bow that roughly measures close to or equal to the user’s height. This is the necessary height measurement of the longbow, allowing the user to execute a long draw that reaches at least [Read More...]

Recurve Bow

A recurve bow is known as a bow that features limbs that arch away from the user when unstrung. The recurve bow stores more of the archer’s energy thus, delivering more power and efficiency compared to the straight-limbed bows. Additionally, [Read More...]


A crossbow is a kind of weapon that has been based from a bow; it features a horizontal bow-like construction that is fixed right on its stock, and it also shoots projectiles called the quarrels or bolts. As for the [Read More...]

Types of Bows

Throughout history, archery bows have been around with different forms. Bows have developed through the ages, and many are now made with elements such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, as well as numerous advanced shooting mechanisms. Various kinds of bows that [Read More...]

Takedown Bow

Most of the individuals who are new to archery ask numerous questions, and one of the most common ones is what is a takedown bow? Generally speaking, the takedown bow is a type of weapon that has been created using [Read More...]