Compound Bow

Compound Bow

In modern-day archery, the compound bow is a piece that makes use of a levering system that commonly utilizes pulleys and cables to bend the bow’s limbs.

The compound bow can easily be identified from the other types of bows because of its multiple strings, as well as the system of pulleys that can be found on either end of the piece. The bow has grown popular due to its widespread use, and there are also a couple of compound bow styles that are available.

Construction of a Compound Bow

The riser is a bow’s central mount for elements such as its sights, limbs, quivers, as well as its stabilizers; and the compound bow and its central riser are commonly made out of elements such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, and aluminum.

However, a lot of these types of bows are made from aluminum alloy. The limbs of the compound bow are made out of composite materials and are capable of withstanding compressive and high tensile forces.

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These limbs store all of the bow’s energy since none of this is kept in its cables or pulleys. The draw weight is usually between ten and a hundred pounds which allows an arrow speed of about a hundred and fifty to three hundred seventy feet per second.

For the most regular type of configuration, there is the presence of a wheel or cam right at the end of each of the bow’s limbs. The shape of these may be different for every bow design, and there are a couple of varying concepts of utilizing the cams to store adequate amounts of energy in the limbs.

These concepts fall under the bow eccentrics category and the most common types are the Hybrid Cam, Single Cam, Binary Cam, and the Dual Cam; the less common designs include the Hinged and Quad Cam.

The compound bow cables and strings are normally made out of high modulus polyethylene and are primarily designed to have excellent tensile strength and minimal strain; with that, the bow transfers efficient energy to the arrow.

compund bow

Best Compound Bow

Choosing the best compound bow from numerous weapon shops around may be challenging since there is a large number of options to choose from when it comes to compound bows for sale.

Whether the person searching for equipment is a professional or beginner, one will greatly have an easier time choosing because of this great list of the best compound bow available today:

Infinite Edge

These Diamond bows are created by one of the largest archery suppliers in the world, and the Infinite Edge is considered as one of the best and most versatile compound bows today.

This Diamond compound bow features a plethora of adjustable settings which is one of the reasons why this piece is considered as the best compound bow for beginners and experienced archers or shooters.


Its draw length can be adjusted and altered between thirteen to thirty inches while its draw weight can range from about five to seventy pounds. The Infinite Edge may be utilized for efficient and effective hunting since this creates the necessary kinetic energy for shooting targets.


The PSE Surge is the combination of a great priced bow with excellent performance since it can shoot quite fast at around three hundred twenty fps.

The PSE compound bow is something perfect for those who are searching for outstanding accuracy as well as for those who do not mind if a bit of fps is sacrificed for an overall smooth and excellent experience. This is an undeniably great bow for all-around use and it is solidly built to make it definitely worth its selling price.

Hoyt Pro Defiant

This specific bow was designed specifically as a hunting bow yet feels more like a thirty-three-inch bow due to its axel to axel measurement; the bow also features a good compact design which makes this the best Hoyt compound bow perfect for hunting or shooting even in tight spaces.

compound bow

This is also considered as a good compact hunting bow that provides the user a great feel when shooting and is designed perfectly to perform outstandingly.

Mathews Halon 32 5

This type of compound bow features three varying brace heights to meet the needs and requisites of every archer interested in this kind of quality-made hunting bow.

For those who are familiar with the Halon from 2016, the current version of this Mathews compound bow has everything that the older model has but with better technology and a highly stable thirty-two-inch axel to axel platform.

Bear Archery Siren

This type of bow is specifically created for women since it focuses on delivering power and ease of shooting for smaller framed archers.

Bear has been extremely careful when it comes to the design of their women compound bow since they aim to please and satisfy the needs of their female clients who are interested in a bow that delivers excellent performance while also looking classy and eye-catching.

The bear compound bow can readily accommodate a range of sizes, together with draw lengths and strengths that range from twenty-two to twenty-seven inches and forty to thirty pounds.

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Genesis Original

This is considered as the most favored youth compound bow and it is widely utilized for various archery training programs that are available across the nation; this is the most chosen piece since it is a bow that is easy to set up and shoot.

Furthermore, the adjustment of the draw length makes this specific bow adequate for children of every age who wish to learn the basics of archery and shooting.

Keep in mind that this type of bow does not have enough power that is necessary for hunting, and should only be utilized for target practice.

Compound Bows for Sale

For those who want to purchase compound bows for sale, these are readily available for anyone interested and they can find these in numerous online weapon shops.

However, before actually purchasing the compound bows for sale, it is best to do thorough research on the manufacturers and sellers of the compound bow to see if they are legitimate and if they offer tools and equipment that are made from high-quality materials.

It is also smart to read various reviews about the different compound bow models that are available to know which ones are best for the user.