A short proof of concept for Oni, a modern story of demons from Japanese folklore…

Oni is a stunning Samurai fantasy film about a young man who is haunted by a Oni demon, the short film was sponsored by us at samuraiswords.store .

Directed by Anthony Pietromonaco, which is also responsible for the film “Dark Legacy” 

Starring Toru Uchikado (Castlevania, Heroes Reborn, Westworld) and Masashi Odate (The Last Samurai, Letters from Iwo Jima)

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Where do these legends come from? What if thousands of people, over thousands of years, have been telling more than a story?

A modern samurai (Toru Uchikado) begins to experience surprisingly vivid and cryptic dreams in which he is haunted by terrifying creatures. This leads him to research the history of Japanese demons –the Oni— that terrorized the samurai in ancient times.

Seeking to discover the truth behind the stories, the young man will continue tirelessly to investigate the creatures, until he will have another dream in which he is personally immersed in a duel to the death against one of them (Masashi Odate). But the truth can sometimes be blurred, and he will soon discover that there are worse demons to face than those spoken of in the legends.


Go / Momotaro: Toru Uchikado

Oni: Masashi Odate

Directed by Anthony Pietromonaco

Executive Producer: Niro Zilka

Cinematographer: Christopher Hamilton

Phantom Tech: Andrew Bethke

Prop Master: Trevor Morris

Producer: Dominique Schweighofer

Original Oni Design: Jaremy Aeillo

Sculpting and Makeup Application: Tanner White

Figure Sculptures: Scott Hernandez

3D Oni particle simulations and compositing by Kizny Visuals

Matte Painting: Daniele Bulgaro

Original score: Michael Meinhart

Sound Design: James David Redding III

Keygrip: Zach Davis

AC: Jonathan Helms

Gaffer: Jeffrey Thomas

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