Mongolian Bow

Mongolian Bow

The Mongolian bow – which is also referred to as the Mongolian recurve bow – is a kind of recurved composite bow that was utilized in Mongolia.

From the seventeenth century onwards, almost all of the traditional and classic bows in the country were replaced with the Manchu bow which is claimed to be similar to the Mongolian bow.

Other variants of the Mongolian bow were also present and some of these were the Mongolian composite bow, the Mongolian short bow, and the Mongolian Horn Bow to name a few.

Traditional Mongolian Bow

The classic Mongolian bow and arrow that was utilized during the rule of Genghis Khan were much smaller compared to the contemporary Manchu-based weapons that were used in Naadam – a festival in Mongolia.

There was at least a single surviving sample of the thirteenth-century Mongolian bow that depicted its less prominent bridges made of leather string, as well as its much smaller siyahs.

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The Qing Dynasty’s Influence on the Mongolian Bow

From the seventeenth to the twentieth century, the prominence of the Mongolian Horse Bow, as well as other bows around the world, dropped since the use of firearms and other similar weapons were more favored in battle.

Despite the numerous changes when it comes to the weapons for battle, the tradition of Mongolian archery was kept alive and continued by the Qing Imperial Court.

Gradually, the production of these bows in China, Mongolia, and Tibet changed to the designs based on Manchu style; and because of this, even the Mongolian bow utilized during the Nandaam eventually appeared just like the Manchu bows design.

Military Use of the Mongolian Horse Bow

When speaking of the Mongolian bow, the first thing that comes to mind is that the bow is intended for military use; war and fighting were definitely not daily activities but hunting, as well as training for a variety of skills, were considered as the daily routine where the Mongolian bow was heavily utilized.

Mongolian Bow
Image Source: Flickr

For military use, soldiers carried the Mongolian Horse Bow (two of these to be exact) while on horseback; one bow was intended for long-range attacks while the other was for shooting at much closer distances; additionally, each soldier also carried two quivers together with arrows that were intended for different purposes.

There were strong Mongolian females who rode into battle with men, fighting bravely alongside these warriors in history; additionally, some women did not engage in military activities or battles yet they were still required to learn how to wield and fight using the Mongolian Horse Bow since it was a vital skill for hunting and self-defense.

Construction of the Mongolian Bow

Numerous claims state that the Mongolian bow is one of the most capable bows in history and it may still be in this day and age; this may be possible even if the high-tech contemporary compound bows are more convenient.

The Mongolian bow and modern compound bows are also said to be equally powerful, yet its simplicity in design and perfect balance makes the Mongolian bow a superior solution.


The size of the Mongolian bow is not as lengthy and huge compared to the English bow; however, the Mongolian bow is known to be more powerful and efficient for shooting. The English longbow’s draw weight has an average of about seventy to eighty pounds, unlike the old Mongolian bow that had a pull that measured around a hundred and sixty-six pounds.

The classic and contemporary Mongolian bows have always been part of the tradition of the Asian composite bows. Its core is made of bamboo while the sinew on its back and the horn on the bow’s belly are fixed together with the use of animal glue.

Yet once the animal glue gets dissolved, the bows may be at risk for damages due to excess humidity and rain; a waterproof wrapper that is made from birch bark may also have a limited amount of protection since it may eventually cause the bow to receive moisture or mechanical damage.

Arrows of the Mongolian Bow

The most typical material utilized to create the bow’s arrows is birch, and when it comes to its general length, it ranged from around eighty to a hundred centimeters while the shaft measured around one centimeter. As for the fletchings, the most favored material would be the feathers of a crane yet the tail feathers of any bird could be utilized.

Mongolian Bow
Image Source: Flickr

Eagle feathers were sometimes utilized since these made particularly good arrows, yet since the Eagles are rare types of birds, only a few arrows could have fletchings made of their feathers.

Every inch, portion, and the design of arrows were precisely made since the Mongolians pay very close attention to even the smallest details since they follow the traditional Mongolian standards.

The points or arrowheads of these bows could possibly be everything from wooden and bone points (specifically for hunting small animals and birds) to wide metallic blades (for war or big game).

The extreme impact of this type of bow ensures that an arrow with a bony point is lethal enough when piercing the body of a bird or smaller animal; additionally, the whistling arrows are highly useful for hunting since these will make animals stop to curiously find what is whistling in the air; this allows the hunter some time to actually shoot a second arrow, but with a game to aim for the kill.

The whistling arrows are made by using an arrowhead of bone wherein air channels have been made.

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Mongolian Bow for Sale

There are numerous online weapon shops today that offer excellent archery tools, equipment, and bows; so for anyone who wishes to purchase these items for archery or even a Mongolian bow for sale, they can definitely do so.

These shops offer some of the finest items that are necessary for archery, and if an individual prefers to utilize a Mongolian bow for sale, then they only need to choose from a variety of designs to suit their tastes.

However, before purchasing the Mongolian bow for sale, it would be smart to ensure that the shop or seller providing these items is legit and authentic to ensure that all the equipment is safe and durable especially for the regular practice of archery.