Blades and Brushstrokes: Samurai Swords Store and David Benzal Join Samurai Warlords

A new chapter begins in the world of samurai.

Samurai Swords Store, known for its beautifully crafted Samurai swords with 3D customization, teams up with the renowned artist David Benzal and the exciting Samurai Warlords web3 gaming experience.

This partnership brings together the best of tradition and modern gaming.

It’s more than a collaboration.

It’s a journey into the heart of Samurai culture.


Together, we’re creating something special for samurai fans everywhere

A blend of real-world craftsmanship with their 3D equivalent models and digital Samurai adventure filled with strategy and action with real asset ownership.

This partnership is all about bringing the samurai world closer to you.

It combines authentic sword-making with the excitement of gaming, creating an experience that’s both true to tradition and excitingly new.

Step into the vibrant world of Samurai Warlords and join a community of enthusiasts celebrating the fusion of traditional samurai culture and cutting-edge gaming.

Echoes of the Forge: Bringing Samurai Swords to Life

In Samurai Warlords, the art of the blade reaches new heights. Samurai Swords Store’s 3D models serve as the blueprint of the digital forge where realism is crafted.

Every curve and edge of the swords and weapons reflects the meticulous artistry of real-world craftsmanship and tradition.

This fusion of authenticity and technology creates a gaming experience that’s not just about strategy, but also about appreciating the beauty and history of samurai weaponry.

The journey from the forge of Samurai Swords Store to the battlefields of Samurai Warlords is a tale of two worlds merging.

Players find themselves wielding swords that are digital replicas of real masterpieces.

As you strategize and conquer, you’re also partaking in a legacy of craftsmanship, with each weapon in your arsenal telling its own story of samurai valor and adding to the game experience and utility.

Benzal’s Brush: Breathing Life into Samurai Warlords

In Samurai Warlords, every character conceptualized by David Benzal is a tapestry of history.

His work on the Samurai Warlords Genesis Collection showcases his unparalleled ability to weave historical elements with creative storytelling.

Having worked with the best studios, Benzal brings a cinematic quality to the game, where each character is not just playing a role but living a story – a story of feudal Japan, reimagined through the eyes of a contemporary artistic genius.

The Genesis Collection, painted by Benzal, is a vivid portrayal of samurai culture, each character a digital embodiment of the samurai’s spirit.

This collection is not just a part of the game, but a gateway to a bygone era, reimagined through Benzal’s artistic lens that will bring the ecosystem into life.

The New Dawn of Gaming: Samurai Warlords

Enter the world of Samurai Warlords, a groundbreaking game that combines the traditional craftsmanship of Samurai Swords Store’s blades with David Benzal’s vivid character designs.

Experience a game where every element, from gameplay mechanics to the storyline, immerses you in an authentic samurai universe, replete with strategic battles and a rich narrative that honors the ancient warriors of Japan.

Samurai Warlords isn’t just a game; it’s a revolution in the gaming world.

The gameplay is a masterful blend of strategy and action, where players must think like a warlord, balancing cunning warfare tactics with the honorable codes of the bushido and long term army and resource management.

This game doesn’t just capture the essence of samurai combat; it invites players to live it, breathe it, and leave their mark in a world where swordsmanship meets strategy, and legend meets legacy.

Samurai Warlords Genesis Collection: Your Path to Glory

Embark on a digital odyssey with the Genesis Collection from Samurai Warlords.

These NFTs, created by David Benzal, are more than just digital assets; they’re a testament to the samurai way of life and your early access gateway into the ecosystem.

To participate in this exclusive sale, register for the whitelist through the Samurai Warlords Twitter account and be among the first to mint these unique characters at a discounted price.

Join Samurai Warlords Twitter

Through Twitter you will be able to participate in the private sale which will be announced through the official account

Or you can join the public sale at 23rd April 2024 at the official website.

Owning a Genesis Collection samurai in Samurai Warlords opens up a world of exclusive rewards.

Owners of these NFTs will enjoy a spectrum of benefits:

From staking rewards and game package to early demo access and exclusive airdrops.

Elevating their role from players to honored participants and supporters in the samurai warlords realm.

Secure your spot in the sale by joining our whitelist and gain the opportunity to own a part of this limited collection of 10,000.

Embracing the Future with Samurai Warlords

As the world pivots towards the digital horizon, Samurai Warlords stands at the forefront, blending the ancient art of samurai with the world of cryptocurrency.

This game isn’t just an adventure; it’s your entry into the future of digital assets.

For those new to crypto, the journey begins with a simple step: opening a digital wallet.

This wallet is your key to participating in the exclusive world of NFTs and the thrilling experience of Samurai Warlords.

Fear not if the world of crypto seems daunting.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to walk you through every step of the minting process.

From setting up your wallet to making your first NFT purchase, our guide ensures a smooth entry into the world of Samurai Warlords.

[Access the Minting Guide Here]

Join us in Samurai Warlords, where the timeless lore of samurais meets the innovative world of cryptocurrency.

Join the Samurai Revolution!

This collaboration between Samurai Swords Store, David Benzal, and Samurai Warlords isn’t just a meeting of minds;

It’s a revolution in art, culture, and gaming.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary fusion by exploring our samurai universe, diving into the genesis collection, and stepping into the game. Don’t just witness history – be part of it!

To all samurai culture enthusiasts, art lovers, blockchain warriors and gamers – this is your call to arms.

Join us on this journey at the official website at

Share your excitement using #SamuraiWarlords hashtag!

Don’t hesitate to share with your friends and engage with our community on Zealy and twitter (X) for a chance to earn airdrop and rewards and become part of the legend.

Together, let’s conquer the blockchain with the spirit of the Samurai!

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