Mori Yoshinari

Mori Yoshinari

Mori Yoshinari

During the Sengoku period, Mori Yoshinari was the head of the Yoshinari clan. He also served the Saito clan. The clan to which he belonged was ruled by the lords of the Mino Province.

This was one of the old provinces of Japan and is part of present-day Gifu Prefecture. At times, this place was also known as Noshu.

Yoshinari was the father of Mori Nagayoshi and Mori Ranmaru. These two Samurai warriors were both famous because of who they were, as well as their skills as fighters in feudal Japan. It was Mori Yoshinari who died later on while he was at war with the Asakura clan.

Mori Yoshinari Early Career

Mori Yoshinari was once a retainer for the Saito clan. He defected towards the Oda Nobunaga clan for unknown reasons. His first job was to be Oda Nobunaga’s trusted page.

However, after helping to overthrow Saito clan he realized that he made a mistake by siding with Nobunaga. It was his service for the new clan that has led him to his death.

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Family Life and Service

As mentioned earlier, Yoshinari had two famous sons named Mori Nagayoshi and Mori Ranmaru. Mori Nagayoshi was born in Kanayama Castle in Mino Province.

Mori Ranmaru, also known as Naritoshi, was once an attendant to Oda Nobunaga who was his father’s lord.

When Ranmaru was just five years old, Yoshinari died on the battlefield. Mori Ranmaru played second fiddle to his older brother Nagayoshi.

However, it was his older brother who was killed first in the Battle of Nagakute then two years after Ranmaru died.

Serving Oda Nobunaga

Mori Yoshinari was the one who served Oda but, prior to this, he served Saito of Mino until 1555. He was a veteran warrior for the Oda clan. He was recognized for his bravery and strength of character.

Later on, it was said that when he lost his life in the battle against Asakura-Azal forces, Oda Nobunaga was grief-stricken that he openly cried the loss of his warrior.

Yoshinari’s death was a major blow against the Oda clan forces. They lost a champion for their family. When Yoshinari died, it was a sad day for Nobunaga.

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Mori Yoshinari On Death’s Door

Mori Yoshinari was highly skilled in using the cross spear or jumonji yari. Even as a great fighter, his skills were no match when he was killed fighting the Azai and Asakura forces near Otsu in the year 1570.

There were speculations regarding how he was killed. For his sons, especially for Ranmaru, Yoshinari was an ideal warrior and he died an honorable way.

Mori Yoshinari’s Achievements in Life

Throughout his life, Mori Yoshinari had a lot of achievements. He was known for his skills in using the cross spear and was an impressive warrior. He was a veteran war hero with years of experience under his belt.

Although ruthless towards his enemies on the battlefield, he was the primary defender of the Oda forces. Yoshinari served his master Nobunaga Oda even if it cost him his life.

Image Source: 663highland [CC BY-SA]