Mori Nagayoshi

Mori Nagayoshi

Mori Nagayoshi

Mori Nagayoshi was an officer and a samurai warrior under the Oda clan during the Sengoku. He was the son of Mori Yoshinari.

He was older than his more popular brother Mori Ranmaru. Mori Nagayoshi had a wife named Sen who was the daughter of Ikeda Tsuneoki. He had another brother names Mori Tadamasa.

Mori Nagayoshi was the head of the Mori family that served the Saito clan. His lord Saito ruled over the Mino Province. Mori Nagayoshi was also the son-in-law of Ikeda Nobuteru.

Who is Mori Nagayoshi?

Mori Nagayoshi is a samurai who was said to have a bad temper. He was claimed to have been ruthless on the battlefield that they called him the devil. In every battle that he participated in, hei worked hard to achieve victory.

He was also rewarded with a 20,000 Koku fief that covered four districts of Kawanakajima in the Shinano Province.

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Life with the Oda Clan

After serving under the Saito clan, Mori Yoshinari had moved to service under the Oda clan. The simple reason for this would be that the Saito clan was overthrown by the Oda Clan.

Thus, Mori Yoshinari and his family became retainers of Oda Nobunaga, and this includes Nagayoshi because he was part of the clan.

Mori Nagayoshi Legacy

Nagayoshi was gifted with Kaneyama Castle after his father died in battle. While was he was under the service of the Oda clan, he was directly under the service of Nobunaga’s eldest son, Oda Nobutada. It was him who fought alongside Nagashima in 1574.

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Castle Takeover

After serving Nobutada, Nagayoshi proceeded to take over Takeda Takato Castle. This castle was located in Shinano Province. There were other several castles before he took Kazu Castle which was located in another province, which was Kai.

Because of these castle takeovers, he was given an award of 100, 000 Koku. However, this series of castle takeovers were forced to stop when his lord Oda Nobunaga died at Honno-ji.

It was Nagayoshi who took Mino Castle with the help of his relatives from the Ikeda clan side of his family.

Komaki Campaign of 1584

It was under the Komaki Campaign that they joined Mori Nagayoshi since the game plan was to move against Tokugawa Ieyasu‘s retreat from Owari Province. This took place before the disastrous Nagakute battle.


Mori Nagayoshi in the Battle of Nagakute

Mori Nagayoshi may have been brave while he rode into battle ahead of his men. He died fighting against the Asakura clan where he was shot and killed.

He died in the Battle of Nagakute in 1584. This battle belonged to a series of fights that Nagayoshi was involved in, which was between the Li clan.

The Li clan was a division of the Tokugawa forces. The death of Nagayoshi affected Ikeda’s forces. The Ikeda clan men were too demoralized due to what took place that even when Toyotomi Hideyoshi‘s arrival was reinforced, Ieyasu has decided to withdraw.

The Daimyo decided that it was not worth risking their lives, so he and his men returned to Komaki.

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Image Source: 立花左近 [CC BY-SA]