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Kondo Isami

One of the famous swordsmen during the late Edo period was Kondo Isami. He was popular because of his role as commander of the Shinsengumi. His father was a farmer who resided in a village located in the Musashi Province. [Read More...]

Tokugawa Yoshinobu

He was given the title Prince and this fit Tokugawa Yoshinobu perfectly. He was also known as Tokugawa Keiki. Yoshinobu was considered as the 15th, as well as the last shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate. There was a movement to [Read More...]

Ito Hirobumi

A Japanese Prince was born as Hayashi Risuke, yet he was better known as Ito Hirobumi. He was a statesman who, unlike other Princes, was a London educated samurai. He belonged to the Choshu Domain which drafted the Meiji Constitution [Read More...]

Okubo Toshimichi

Okubo Toshimichi was a great Japanese nobleman from the Meiji Restoration. He was a Samurai under the Satsuma province. He was credited for being one of the three leaders of the Meiji Restoration. Just like Ito Hirobumi, he was regarded [Read More...]

Kido Takayoshi

A Japanese Statesman of the Meiji Restoration aptly describes who Kido Takayoshi was. He was also known by another name: Kido Koin or Katsura Kogoro. He lived during the late Tokugawa period. He was born to a highly influential warrior [Read More...]

Takasugi Shinsaku

A samurai from the Choshu Domain was considered as having one of the best significant contributions to the Meiji Restoration. He used several aliases to hide his activities from the Tokugawa Shogunate. He was born in a castle in the [Read More...]

Enomoto Takeaki

Viscount Enomoto Takeaki was an admiral and Samurai. He was known for his credibility as navy of the Tokugawa Shogunate. He was faithful to his lord and fighting against the new Meiji government. He founded the Imperial Japanese Navy under [Read More...]

Saito Hajime

Once known simply as Yamaguchi Hajime, Saito Hajime was a Japanese samurai from the Edo period. He was known for being the captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi. Saito’s group was labelled as a special police force referred [Read More...]

Matsudaira Katamori

During the last days of the Edo period and the early to Mid-Meiji period, there lived a samurai. His name was Matsudaira Katamori. He belonged to one of the several clans that were spread throughout Japan. These groups made up [Read More...]

Oda Hidenobu

Being the son of the famous Oda Nobutada, Oda Hidenobu had lived during the Azuchi Momoyama period of feudal Japan. He was also part of the well-known Oda clan which was a family of prominent Japanese Daimyos. The clan played [Read More...]

Hosokawa Tadaoki

Hosokawa Tadaoki was a Japanese samurai warrior from the late Sengoku Period. He was just 15 years old when he started fighting for Oda Nobunaga. Hosokawa Tadaoki was the son of a highly respected warrior, scholar and poet Hosokawa Fujitaka. [Read More...]

Mori Nagayoshi

Mori Nagayoshi was an officer and a samurai warrior under the Oda clan during the Sengoku. He was the son of Mori Yoshinari. He was older than his more popular brother Mori Ranmaru. Mori Nagayoshi had a wife named Sen [Read More...]

Okita Soji

One of the most distinctive achievements that can be identified with Okita Sojiro would be that he was the the Shinsengumi’s 1st unit captain. Their group was considered as the special police forces during the Bakumatsu period. Okita Sojiro, or [Read More...]

Hojo Ujimasa

Being both a Japanese Daimyo and a Samurai warrior of the Sengoku period, Hojo Ujimasa lived a short life. He was born in 1538 and died in1590. His parents were Hojo Ujiyasu, his father and his mother was Zuikeiin. When [Read More...]

Katakura Kagetsuna

The pride of the Katakura clan is the best way to describe Katakura Kagetsuna. He was a Japanese samurai who belonged to the Katakura clan. He lived in the late Sengoku period. Katakura Kojuro is one of the other names [Read More...]

Takeda Katsuyori

If there is one thing that the Daimyo Takeda Katsuyori is famous for, it would be the fact that he was the one who replaced the legendary warlord Takeda Shingen. As the head of the Takeda clan, Katsuyori was the [Read More...]

Sakai Tadatsugu

Among the chosen and successful military commanders of his time is Sakai Tadatsugu. He was closely associated with the Shogunate Shrine. Sakai Tadatsugu is from the famous Sakai clan of the 14th century. His clan belonged to the Province of [Read More...]

Saigo Takamori

If it is about the most influential samurai in feudal Japanese history, the roads will point out to Saigo Takamori. He was one of the three men who were acknowledged for their contributions that led to the Meiji Restoration period [Read More...]

Mori Yoshinari

During the Sengoku period, Mori Yoshinari was the head of the Yoshinari clan. He also served the Saito clan. The clan to which he belonged to was ruled by the lords of the Mino Province. This was one of the [Read More...]

Sakamoto Ryoma

A proponent figure spearheading a movement to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate rose in Japan in the person of Sakamoto Ryoma. He was an impelling force to reckon with for most of the period under the Bakumatsu. He was credited for [Read More...]

Takechi Henpeita

Takechi Henpeita was considered as an extremist member of the Kiheitai. In layman’s term, Takechi Henpeita was generally viewed as a fanatical person since he was not the typical warrior of feudal Japan. He was a voluntary military man who [Read More...]

Oda Nobutada

As the eldest son of the famous Samurai Oda Nobunaga; Oda Nobutada had a lot of shoes to fill in. He lived under his father’s shadow. Like his father, he also fought as a Samurai in different battles during the [Read More...]

Torii Mototada

A warrior in principle and spirit,Torii Mototada fits the profile of a true warrior in every sense of the word. He was prepared to die for what he believed in. Torii Mototada was undaunted in the face of trouble and [Read More...]

Takeda Nobushige

If there was a famous brother during the Sengoku period to a well-known samurai, it would have to be Takeda Nobushige. He was the younger brother of Takeda Shingen. Takeda Nobushige was their father’s favorite. He was the brother who [Read More...]