Kanabo – Samurai Weapons

Kanabo is a spiked club or truncheon used in feudal Japan as a weapon used by Samurai and their retainers. The simplest description for Kanabo would be club-like weapons.

These are built in such a way that that most of the materials are from heavy wood. However, the rest of its materials are iron and it has studs on the ends. Iron covers either one or both ends of this weapon.

This also comes in different shapes and sizes. The tallest one on record would be as tall as that of a man. For such a weapon, two hands are needed to use it against enemies.

However, smaller ones are made lighter and can easily be handled using one arm only. The first thing to do when purchasing Kanabo for use is to choose the appropriate Kanabo with the right length and balance in conjunction with the user’s body.

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Mythical Weapon

The Kanabo is a mythical weapon often found in tales involving a fight against demons. This weapon is said to be strong enough to conquer a Japanese demon.

It is a fact though those to be able to master this weapon the Samurai as an elite warrior must learn the techniques of Kanabo-jutsu. The spikes can mow down armed peasants.

It can break the chest plates of the enemies. The properties that make this weapon special are thought of being crucial in frightening demons.

However, these can be a weapon favored by these demons if given the chance to handle one. Some refer to this as a baseball bat with spikes because that is how this weapon appears.

Karacas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Kanabo Uses

The purpose of using Kanabo weapons is for smashing the armor of the enemy. It can smash the enemy’s bones and even crush the legs of his horse. For those who will use such larger versions of Kanabo, mastery in balance and strength is badly needed.

This requires great skill on the part of the fighter. If handled badly the enemy can make a quick counter-attack. The Samurai is well trained for battle.

Demand on the Samurai calls for special kinds of weapons includes the Kanabo. A heavy pole that weighs this much must be handled with dexterity to lift it off the ground let alone smash an enemy with it.

Recently, in one of the shows, this weapon was tested on a fake human arm with the bone. This arm was protected by a wooden shield. After using the Kanabo, the bone was broken and so is the shield.

Samurai were able to use this against cavalry. Kanabo was also effective against heavily armored enemies that were protected from head to toe with steel plates.

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The only negative finding though is that if the Samurai fails to miss the target he will be left vulnerable against the enemy. This weapon is said to be stronger than ordinary blades because of how it was specifically designed.

Kanabo as a polearm has a longer lever and more force. Some say that the Japanese love baseball because of the Kanabo.

Featured Image Source: Samuraiantiqueworld [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons