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Double Edge Katana

A nihonto is known to be one of the several kinds of traditionally made Japanese swords; these weapons have been created from the Kofun era and generally, the Japanese swords that have double edge are those that have been produced [Read More...]


Kanabo are spiked club or truncheon used in feudal Japan as a weapon used by Samurai and their retainers. The simplest description for Kanabo would be club like weapons. These are built in such a way that that most of [Read More...]


Chigiriki is considered as a Japanese flail chained weapon. It consists of these parts: a hollow wood sometimes made of bamboo or iron staff with an iron weight and a chain on the end. Sometimes the chain can be retracted. [Read More...]

Kusari Fundo

Kusari Fundo is a weapon of concealment popularized by the art of Ninjutsu. This weapon is historically associated with Ninjutsu or Japanese feudal police. There was a time in feudal Japan when swords are not allowed to be carried. A [Read More...]


In feudal Japan, it was considered a crime punishable by death to bring a sword inside the Shogun’s palace. This does not exclude palace guards. As a form of protection palace guards carry non-bladed weapon. This made Jitte a good [Read More...]


Kabutowari is known as helmet or skull breaker. It is also referred to as hachiwari. This is a knife shape weapon that resembles a jitte. Kabutowari is a side arm of the Samurai class of feudal Japan. This knife like [Read More...]