Takeda Nobushige

Takeda Nobushige

Takeda Nobushige

If there was a famous brother during the Sengoku period to a well-known samurai, it would have to be Takeda Nobushige. He was the younger brother of Takeda Shingen.

Takeda Nobushige was their father’s favorite. He was the brother who was supposed to inherit everything that the Takeda clan had: wealth, power and best of all, the head of the clan. However, Takeda Shingen did not take this favoritism lightly.

Shingen rebelled against his father to grab the wealth and inheritance, as well as the power on top of it. Even so, Takeda Nobushige was always supportive of his brother.

He was a man of great knowledge and wisdom. Nobushige was also known as Tenkyu.

Takeda Nobushige Achievements

Takeda Nobushige, being somebody who was an educated man, wrote a set of 99 rules for the Takeda family to follow.

These were attributed to Takeda Shingen by mistake thinking that since he was the more famous brother, he would be the author of this guide for the clan.

He was a general that led a large army on several occasions. There was even a time when Takeda Shingen had a rebellion on his hands. As part of his efforts to punish the perpetrators, he tasked Nobushige to chastise these rebels.

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After Takeda Shingen sent his brother Nobushige to attack the rebels, his younger brother was able to capture Fujisawa Yorichika’s, Kojinyama Castle.

Next, Nobushige also captured Katsurao Castle which was the main castle of Murakami Yoshikiyo. This was the reason why Yoshikiyo was driven to side with Uesugi Kenshin.

Kawanakajima Campaign

Being part of the Twenty Four Generals under the leadership of Takeda Shingen only meant battles to fight and enemies to conquer. If there was a significant event that Nobushige was in, it would have been the battle where he gave his life.

This battle that caused Nobushige’s death was specifically known as the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima, which was fought in the year 1561 against the Uesugi army. This was led by General Kakizaki Kageie.

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Takeda Nobushige Last Moments

Takeda Nobushige led 200 horsemen and 500 ashigaru soldiers at the Kawanakajima Battle. Nobushige was at a disadvantage since, on the enemy’s side (Kakizaki Kageie), they had more troops than what Nobushige forces had which was just 1500 troops.

This was a battle lost from the beginning. After the battle, the smoke has died down, and one of Shingen’s warriors named Yamadera was able to acquire the head of Nobushige.

Takeda Nobushige After Death

Takeda Nobutoyo who was the son of Takeda Nobushige. He continued to achieve his father’s original purpose which was to conquer as many lands.

Even if he was just the second son, he was actively involved in the campaigns and battles against the Hojo clan. These were in two separate events: one in the year 1569 and the other one in 1579. These were battles fought ten years apart.

He also commanded the Takeda clan battle in Nagashino. It was also this son of Nobushige who fought another enemy by the name of Kiso Yoshimasa before he committed suicide when the Takeda clan was defeated by their enemies.

Image Source: Sakaori [CC BY-SA]