Manriki – Gusari

Manriki – Gusari – Ninja Hand Held Weapons

Manriki-Gusari is one of the secret Ninja Weapons. This Ninja tool has a simple shape. Weights are attached to both ends of the weapon as this tool is connected to a chain.

The length of Ninja Manriki-Gusari will depend on what school is using it. The general weight for this Ninja weapon is from 300 to 400 grams. Manriki-Gusari is a self-defense weapon.

This is a very tiny weapon that can be easily carried in the pocket. In short, be it at any given distance one can use the Manriki-Gusari to fight.

These weapons are also referred to as ten thousand power chains because of the results when it is used against the enemies. There are different shapes for this weapon. Some are round, others are elliptical or egg-shaped.

The thickness of the chain also varies as well. The first link on the chain is bigger than the rest to act as weight at the end of the chain.

Some versions of Manriki-Gusari were used during the Nanbukocho period from circa 1336 to 1392. Another school developed a different version of this to defend palace grounds.

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Mansari-Gusari was created by a guard named Masaki Ryu at the Buddhist temple gate during the Edo period. He created this weapon so that he can do his job without breaking the Buddhist prohibition against spilling blood.

He developed techniques on how to use this weapon. He even founded a school that teaches how to use this weapon. Students were taught to use this weapon to entangle the opponent’s weapon or limb.

After this, a lock or choke is applied using the other end of the chain. In the right hands with the right amount of training can transform this weapon into a devastating tool. Later on, constables used this tool to capture criminals.

Today, this is viewed as a classical weapon. People studying Ninjutsu train using a cord with a knot at the end of it instead of the weight used on the standard Ninja Manriki-Gusari.

It must be kept in mind that this weapon is small and easily concealed in the palm of the hand although photos showing this weapon might make it appear bigger than it is.


Uses for Manriki-Gusari

  • In short distance fight. Ninjas use this Ninja tool by swinging its weight and hitting the opponent’s face with it. Such an element of surprise catches an enemy off guard. He will never know what hit him
  • In close combat. A Ninja can easily hit the head of his enemy using the weight of the Manriki-Gusari. He could use the chain and strangle his enemy with the use of this Ninja weapon
  • In long distances. By using a spinning motion, a Ninja can let this tool cling to his enemy’s feet. This will give him time to escape to fight another battle on another day. Another technique is to throw the Ninja Manriki-Gusari at the arms of his enemy and throw it for another finishing blow
  • Hidden or concealed weapon
  • Useful when the sword was not allowed to be carried in public

The Versatility of this Weapon

This weapon is a modification of Kusarigama or the sickle and chain. In this case, the sickle is removed and this weapon has no blade. It might take time for somebody who is learning to use this weapon to master and control this tool.

However, it is the most effective flexible weapon. This can be used to strike, choke, trap and throw the enemy. Since it is small it can be easily concealed.

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One favorite technique is to hold the coiled chain in one hand and throw the other end with weight while holding to the other end. Although it is not impossible to control this weapon it takes time to learn how to use it successfully.

A flexible weapon like this has the nasty habit of biting the user. This one is not an exemption. The weights can cause a deep bruise every time it is swung over the head.

Even if this is a bloodless weapon it can still cut the user. Experts find it easier to handle this to cause a devastating effect against the enemy.