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Shuriken refers to a Japanese concealed weapon. Ninja Shuriken is literally translated from “sword hidden in user’s hands”. These Ninja Weapons are used for throwing, stabbing and slashing. These Ninja Tools are sharpened. These are weapons that are made from [Read More...]


Kunai is an ancient Japanese gardening tool or trowel. There are two variations of these Ninja tools and they are big and short Ninja Kunai. In the hands of an expert these ordinary Ninja Weapons is transformed into a multi-functional [Read More...]


Kusarigama is traditional Japanese weapons consisting of a sickle attached to a heavy weight. The Shogi is a variation of the Ninja Kusarigama. Shogi has a Kama-yari or sickle spear point. This adds an advantage because it opens possibilities on [Read More...]


Makibishi or Igadama as it is referred is a sharp spiked object used in feudal Japan. Ninja Makibishi shows the resourcefulness of Ninjas in creating weapons from ordinary objects. The purpose of using Ninja Makibishi is to slow down pursuers. [Read More...]


Kakute are rings made of steel or iron. Ninja Kakute is worn by the Ninjas but, was favored by the Kunoichi or female Ninja. Sometimes these Ninja Tools are dipped in poison. These Ninja Weapons are worn on the middle [Read More...]

Manriki – Gusari

Manriki-Gusari is one of the secret Ninja Weapons. This Ninja tool has a simple shape. Weights are attached to both ends of the weapon as this tool is connected to a chain. The length of Ninja Manriki-Gusari will depend on [Read More...]


Tekken is a Ninja Weapon referred to as Knuckle Duster. Ninja Tekken is a fist load weapon. This is also a good weapon for heavier work. This was the weapon favored by jujutsu like system that places an emphasis on [Read More...]


In Japan blowgun is known as Fukiya. A blowgun is also referred to as blow pipe or blow tube. The weapon is place inside the pipe. The breath will create a projectile momentum with the use of one’s breath. This [Read More...]


Shikomizue is a Ninja Weapon that is referred to as prepared cane. This is just a disguise because this Ninja Tool looks like an ordinary cane or walking stick. Ninjas are known for disguising as elderly or cripple with the [Read More...]


Southeast Asia during ancient times has these small weapons known as Anki. These weapons were typical representative of Kakushi-buki or concealed weapons. This is also a relative of Shuko clasws known as Tekko-Kagi. These were not purely classified as Ninja [Read More...]


Metsubushi was known in Japan as eye closers because of what it can do. There were variations of this Ninja Weapon that are used by Samurai police and other individuals. The aim was to disorient or permanently cause blindness to [Read More...]


Shikoro was one of the Ninja Tools that that Ninja held onto. Ninja Shikoro was categorize as a kaiki tool or in Japanese these means “to open”. These Ninja Weapons were used to open closed doors or fences. Almost all [Read More...]


Kaginawa is a combination from the words Kagi which means hook and Nawa which means rope. Ninja Kaginawa is simply a Ninja Weapon use as a grappling hook during feudal Japan. Even Samurais and their retainers used this weapon. Foot [Read More...]