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The Vikings are known to be Scandinavians who conquered certain parts of Europe from the ninth to the eleventh centuries. These warriors wielded the sword and revered the weapon above all, passing it down from father to son and also considered this act as a major event.

Since the sword had been handed down from warrior to warrior, it made the sword more important plus it also added more status to the wielder as time passed.

Aside from the sword, Viking armor and equipment included the battle-axe and the spear which were said to be the first weapons launched against opponents.

The Vikings warriors played a significant role in history and have spread their culture throughout lands which have influenced the people and countries they have raided.

Today, anyone can experience being a Viking warrior since most of the weapons and equipment that they have utilized in the past are available in a Viking shop as collectibles and the like.

There are usually large selections of high-quality fully functional and decorative swords, as well as shields, armor, and other types of Viking weaponry.

The shopping sites are generally updated with these types of items, plus they usually give out newsletters regarding new products as well as pre-orders.

Listed below are various items that one can purchase when visiting a Viking store.

Functional, Decorative, and Battle Ready Weapons

For high-quality and finely made battle-ready, functional, and decorative Viking weapons, one can definitely find the perfect piece in an online Viking shop. These places offer a plethora of weapons that come in different styles, sizes, designs, and a lot more.

The most common items that are available include the axes, swords, spears, shields, and these pieces are excellent for role-playing historical battles and re-enactments for movies and stage plays.

A Viking store offers a lot of items so it is best to thoroughly check out all the things that they offer; there are various types of weapons available and some are made from foam latex.

Vikings shop

It may be a tedious task but one should definitely find the perfect piece that will go with a specific type of armor, especially if the equipment will be used to portray a historical scene for a film or play.

There are times when a Viking store offers special treats such as Viking swords for sale where one can find a selection of single-handed or two-handed swords such as the Anglo-Saxon sword, Viking sword, or the Norman sword.

They also offer axes such as the throwing axes, Danish axes, bearded axes, Mammen axes, and a whole lot more; for the spears, there are also the thrusting, throwing, war, and short-bladed spears which look excellent for battle scenes or even on display when not being utilized.

Armor and Clothing in Viking Shop

A Viking shop features a wide selection of fully functional, battle-ready, as well as decorative armor and these come in different styles, designs, and finishes which make them excellent pieces to add to one’s collection or for display. Some of these include Viking bracers, greaves, or body armor which are mostly crafted from high-quality materials like steel and leather.

When it comes to the armor in a Viking store, there are also battle-ready, fully functional, as well as decorative armor that comes in different styles like the barbarian or berserker styled armor; there are also pieces for women and these are mostly designed after the armor utilized by mythical Valkyries.

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These types of armor can be both used for practice and re-enactments, plus these would also make excellent display pieces; the armor can also be purchased as a whole set yet there are Viking shops that allow customers to purchase individual pieces.

The replicas sold in a Viking store are designed as closely as possible to the original piece; this is to ensure that the Viking armor appears like the authentic item and it would be a pleasing sight especially for plays and movies.

For serious collectors, they can also purchase Viking clothing from any Viking store that sells these and commonly, these shops feature an assortment of items including Norse outfits like rus dresses, pants, Viking shirts, tunics, as well as Viking shoes which greatly work for re-enactments, Renaissance affairs, and stage productions.

Various Accessories in Viking shop

The Viking accessories that can be purchased from a Viking shop include a selection of historical pieces that have been inspired by Viking warriors and their history; there are numerous options for a Renaissance fair which includes supplies, camping tents, leather belt pouches, Viking belts and more.

A lot of these Viking accessories work excellently for historical plays, re-enactments, movies, theatrical productions, as well as costume parties. Virtually, all of the pieces can be paired with other types of Viking apparel and collectibles.

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Gift Items

A Viking shop may also offer a great assortment of Viking gift items that have been inspired by the rich Viking history, style, and culture.

Various Viking collectibles may be included and some of the items could be Viking trinkets, keyrings, miniatures, figurines, collectible spoons, letter openers, memento boxes, decorative thimbles, as well as pencil toppers. Some may offer other pieces such as a model longship that has been intricately designed just like the original.

Each of these gift items is carefully crafted with the distinct style of a Viking where the creators ensure that they have displayed vital elements such as helmets, warriors, and weapons.

These are not the only Viking collectibles that can be available in a Viking store since historical coin replicas may also be offered in these places. Numerous Viking shops also offered a number of original Norse coin reproductions where the original currency utilized then are featured.

Each one of these coins is made from high-quality gold-plated or antiqued pewter that exhibits outstanding details that are all based on the actual Norse coins.

The appearance of these Viking coins is rough and this has been created like this to achieve an ancient and aged appearance. At times, these coins are sold in packs, and included here would be pertinent details about the coin as well as the time in which it was utilized.

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