Viking Longsword

Viking Longsword

Viking Longsword

The best and most feared Viking warriors wielded the Viking Longsword since this was considered as the most prestigious weapon throughout history. These were mostly beautifully-finished equipment that was vital for any warrior during battles, as well as to display his status and wealth.

Swords during the Viking period were usually created with a double edge which means that both of its edges were extremely sharp. When utilizing these weapons, they were usually wielded with a single hand since the other would be carrying a shield for protection.

Characteristics of the Viking Longsword

It was common for the blades to measure around sixty to ninety centimeters although the most typical length would be around seventy to eighty centimeters. Late in the Viking period, these swords blades slowly developed and became as long as a hundred centimeters with a width of about four to six centimeters in width.

It was necessary for the Viking longsword to have a pommel and hilt since these worked to efficiently provide adequate weight to balance the blade. Typically, these weapons weigh more at the lower end since its blades had a slight taper which greatly helped bring balance closer to the weapon’s grip.

An individual who had a longsword only displayed that he was a warrior of the Viking age, but it was quite an expensive and challenging weapon to create while also being a rare tool; these weapons were also considered to be prized heirlooms which is why owners give these longswords names and then passed down from generations to generations.

Because of this, losing a sword meant a huge catastrophe since it also displayed the battle scars and honor of the people who have utilized these.

Also, the Viking longsword was more than just an efficiently powerful and deadly weapon since this is also a highly valuable piece that exhibits the status and power of the wielder; plus, it also displayed the skilled craftsmanship of those who created and designed the weapon.

A Viking longsword that has survived through history tells a rich story of artistry, culture, warfare, and a lot more.

What is a Longsword

A longsword is a type of European weapon characterized by having a cross-shaped hilt and a grip that is long enough for double-gripping. It has a straight blade that is double-edged that measures around eighty-five to a hundred and ten centimeters in length.

The longsword was a popular weapon but it was most prevalent during the late Renaissance and medieval periods specifically from the years 1350 to 1550; it was also utilized as a weapon for battle until the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Vikings Longsword

The longsword is both a defensive and offensive weapon and can be utilized for cutting, thrusting, parrying and deflecting attacks. The cuts executed with a longsword are delivered as slices or very powerful chopping attacks.

Although the weapon is commonly wielded with both hands, the longsword can still be carried with just a single hand so the warrior’s free hand can easily grapple, punch, or grab an enemy or their weapons.

Development of the Viking Longsword

Early Viking warriors utilized a sax, which is a precursor to the Viking longsword; it was a shorter weapon that measured about twenty-four inches compared to the length of a longsword which was about forty-three inches.

It was also heavy and hilted with a double-edged blade and a handle that could accommodate two hands to put it simply, the sax appeared like an extended, single-handed knife.

At the dawn of the eleventh century, a new sword was developed in the Western parts of Europe. The weapon featured a nut-shaped pommel, a long and tapered double-edged blade, and the long straight guard which are characteristics that quickly distinguished and identified the weapon.

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These swords had extensive reach and were especially suited for the Norman warriors tactics and strategies; although this is the case, Vikings and Saxons also utilized similar weapons such as this.

Aside from being excellent weapons of war, the Viking longsword was also utilized by the Norse men as a ritual sacrifice to their gods, depositing the weapon in sacred water. The earliest types of swords that featured these hilts were located in various Norwegian burials in 950 A.D.

Advantages of the Longsword

A long sword may not be as great as the curved sword when it comes to its swinging power and swiftness, but it has other advantages and usefulness too.

One of its abilities and advantages is its excellent thrusting and reaching excellence since a single thrusting stab executed by the wielder can be difficult to block or defend against.

The long sword can easily inflict a deadly wound from a distance since the weapon’s geometry allows thrusts to hit quickly and accurately. The Viking longsword can easily penetrate relatively heavy armor, unlike a curved sword which may easily get deflected by this.

vikings longsword

Also, the straight blade presents adequate control and it is also quite easier to parry against various enemy attacks. This is because the blade acts as an extension of the Viking’s forearm, thus, allowing the owner of the longsword to have more control over the weapon.

Longsword for Sale

Just like every other Viking weapons available, the Viking longsword is considered to be one of the most popular and sought-after medieval blades of all time. This is because of its usefulness and excellence when utilized for battles.

Not only did the Viking longsword feature a distinct look, but these weapons also featured a unique design and make which allowed the weapon to be extremely useful for offensive and defensive moves.

There are a lot of online weapon shops that feature this type of Viking longsword and this is either fully functional / battle ready longsword or a decorative longsword for sale.

With its make and design, the longsword can easily be included in one’s growing collection of medieval pieces; since it almost exactly resembles the original weapon, the Viking longsword makes for an excellent addition to anyone’s set of weapons and equipment.

Before purchasing a longsword for sale, ensure that the seller or shop is legitimate and that they create swords and other equipment using high-quality materials.