Viking Helmets

Viking Helmets

Viking Helmets

Some of the most popular representation of the Vikings is that they were some of the most fearsome and dangerous warriors who utilized horned helmets and numerous depictions of these warriors display the same characteristics.

History of the Viking Helmet

During the said period, the Viking helmets featured a simple appearance: a finely-made bowl with a conspicuous nose guard to protect the face and the nose from sudden blows. Before and after the Viking period, these helmets were made out of pieces of riveted iron and were called the Spangenhelm style.

It was easier to create a helmet via this method, plus it also required less labor compared to how other Viking helmets were created this was probably the reason why it was mostly utilized by the warriors.

It may have also been possible that smiths from the Viking-age were incapable of creating a single piece of iron that was large enough to create a helmet’s bowl; this was due to the limitations of bog iron that were widely utilized during this period.

In this day and age, there is only a single complete piece of the Viking helmet that is present which was acquired from Ringerike, Central Norway. The helmet was located in a village that is Northeast of Honefoss where the Viking helmets date all the way back to the tenth century.

This specific helmet was created out of solid iron and it was shaped like a peaked or rounded cap made from four special plates; it was also patterned out after the spangenhelm. The Viking helmet features a spectacle guard and rounded cap around the nose and eyes which form a mask-like appearance.

The presence of the eye guard suggests a close link to the helmets from the earlier Vendel period and from the Runestones as well as other illustrations, it is depicted that the Vikings also utilized simple types of helmets, usually capped with a simple nose guard.

Yet compared to popular culture, there is no exact evidence that the Viking helmets featured horns, yet the horned headdresses may have been utilized by the Vikings for rituals.

Viking Helmets

The winged and horned helmets were always linked to the Vikings from mythology which was the creation of Romanticism in the nineteenth century.

It was also likely that the Viking helmets were utilized for cultic purposes or simply for display since wearing such types of gear during battle would only get in the way.

Additionally, wearing such types of Viking helmets would have also caused a lot of complications and issues since the space on warships was already very limited; none of the sources also mentioned that the Vikings wore horned headgear.

Iron was difficult to create during the Viking period and it was also an expensive material to use for Viking helmets and other armors; as a result, the Viking helmet was considered to be some of the most expensive gear available as it was also not that common during that time.

Any warrior who could easily afford the gear would certainly want to have one, yet most individuals could not really afford the helmets. Because of this, helms were greatly prized, thoroughly preserved, repaired as necessary, and then passed on from generations to the next.

Some of the helmets may have been utilized for centuries even before iron became too weak and thin to provide any type of real protection to the wearer.

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Types of Viking Helmets

The helmet was considered to be one of the most vital pieces of armor during the Viking period and the Gjermundbu-styled helmets were specifically based on the only Viking helmet that was acquired in Scandinavia.

Parts of the helmet have been located in Denmark and these include the brow ridges that served as protection for the wearer’s face during battles.

The lack of helmets that have been acquired throughout history could have been due to the fact that the Vikings did not really have any tradition of setting equipment in graves; additionally, the helmets were also not sacrificed like how the swords and spears were in the past.

It is also possible that a few of these warriors utilized helmets which is why only a few of these gear are found today.

Gjermundbu Helmets

This type of Viking helmet is usually considered as one of the most basic styles of the authentic Viking helmets since it provides the wearer an increased degree of protection. The helmet is made up of a simply-made skull cap that features riveted strips for reinforcements and adornments.

The front portion of the Viking helmet features an eyepiece that safeguards the face during battles; the side and back portion of the helmet also features an aventail that helps protect the Viking’s neck using a mail drape.

Viking Helmets

Norman Helmets

Not all Viking or Norse Helms feature cheek plates; Norman helms usually feature a conical shape but a lot of these helms copy the Spangenhelm.

Viking Helmets for Sale

When it comes to battle, Vikings were not complex people and this can be seen in their armor and arms. In various online weapon shops, one can find a collection of Viking helmets for sale that they can purchase either for practice, re-enactments, or simply for decorative purposes.

Aside from the numerous Viking helmets that are available, these shops also feature other equipment such as the classic Norman helm that features a nose guard and a slightly domed cap that protects the head.

For those who are searching for Viking helmets for sale that is fully functional, there are available pieces online that one can choose from; however, if a collector simply wants a piece to add to his or her growing set of Viking equipment, the individual can also purchase one that is made specifically for decorative purposes.

However, before actually purchasing a Viking helmet from a seller or shop, make sure that these are legitimate and that they provide weapons and armor that are made from high-quality materials. This is to ensure that the items are safe to use especially during practice or re-enactments.

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