Viking Collectibles

Viking Collectibles

Viking Collectibles

The Viking Age was an era in history that began during the Scandinavian and North European times and this lasted from the eighth to the eleventh century. During this period, the Scandinavian Vikings or Norsemen explored and traveled the oceans by means of warfare and trade.

These warriors also reached other places such as Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, as well as Anatolia since these men were born explorers, traders, colonizers, and were known also as plunderers.

Norsemen from Norway also visited the Northern Atlantic and some of them settled in Iceland, Shetland and Orkney Islands, Greenland, Caithness, and just for a short time, in North America.

Other Vikings opted to raid coastal towns and ports while the others headed for the Eastern portion of the world which are areas known today as Ukraine and Russia.

The Vikings or Norsemen were also known for being explorers, pirates, as well as merchants who have successfully colonized and raided numerous areas in Europe; they traveled via Viking ships or longships to reach as far as Ukraine, Russia, North America, and North Africa to spread the Viking culture and also to engrave their history and legend for the world to remember.

The primary period of these Norsemen was known as the Viking age and during this time, their armor and weapons simply indicated their social status in society.

Wealthy warriors would be able to own a complete set of Viking gear, together with weapons and accessories such as the chainmail shirt together with coats that were commonly made from reindeer hide or animal skin.

For those who were not that well-off, they could only afford a single Viking weapon together with a shield; the most basic pieces a Viking should have would be the spear and shield while some also carried other items such as a seax (knife), a bow, and even a Viking axe.

In this day and age, it is still possible to actually such pieces since there are numerous shops that offer a wide selection of Viking collectibles for sale; other merchandise is also available such as the Viking armor, accessories, weapons, jewelry, re-enactment pieces, historical coins, statues, and other various types of interesting Norsemen weapons.

A list of some of the different types of Viking collectibles is detailed below for one to have an idea of the Viking pieces that are available.

Viking Collectibles

Viking Swords

When shopping for Viking collectibles online, it is a must to purchase beautifully made Viking swords; these are also among the primary weapons of the Norsemen and the pieces come in a variety of styles and designs which have been replicated perfectly for everyone to enjoy.

The most common replicas of these Viking swords include the Norman swords and the Anglo-Saxon weapons that have been wielded by these fierce warriors; there are also single and double-handed weapons, Viking broadswords, short swords, and a lot more.

Aside from collectibles, there are also highly decorative pieces that can be exhibited in museums; plus, there is also Viking equipment that is designed specifically for practice combat, re-enactments, stage productions, movies, plays, and of course, for decorative purposes.

Viking Axes

Another common weapon among the Norsemen were the Viking axes which are why a lot of weapon enthusiasts invest in these types of Viking collectibles.

In online weapon shops, they feature wooden axes for cutting plus other axes that were fashioned mainly for battle; these included the Danish axes, throwing axes, bearded axes, Mammen axes, as well as the Francisca axes.

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Viking Gear

With all the Viking collectibles that are available today, a person can readily outfit themselves in the style of a Norseman warrior; there are beautiful and finely made Viking gear in numerous online shops that will allow everyone to feel and experience how it is like to dress as a Viking warrior.

The functional and decorative Viking gear for sale at online weapon shops includes the Viking bracers, greaves, body armor, and a whole lot more.

For their clothing, Viking men usually wore trousers and long tunics together with their long-sleeved jerkins or fur-trimmed coats; for the women, they wore very similar outfits to the men but instead of a tunic, they would often wear a long shift together with their Norse overdress.

Online Viking shops offer an assortment of excellent items such as Norse pants, tunics, dresses, Viking shoes, and also their shorts. One can enhance the outfit by adding various accessories such as Viking charms, earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, and a lot more.

Viking Collectibles

Viking Helmets

To those collecting full Viking armor and wish to exhibit this in their homes or simply to add to their growing collection of medieval pieces, some online weapon shops sell these Viking gear as a whole, or there are individual pieces available depending on one’s preference.

Such helms that are available in weapon shops include the Viking helmets, leg protectors, armor, and more; depending on what an individual needs, they can simply choose the items they wish to purchase.

The helmet is considered as one of the vital pieces of equipment during the Viking age since it protects the user from sudden attacks or blows from the enemy.

Because of this, it has been considered by re-enactors and collectors as one of the very important Viking collectibles to have to complete the appearance of a Viking warrior especially for historical scenes in movies or stage plays.

In the past, these Viking helmets were usually made from iron yet some of these had an aventail for further protection. For Norse helmets, there were numerous styles present during the Viking era and these included the Nasal helmets, Gjermundbu helms, Spangenhelms, horned helmets, and more.

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Viking Shields

Viking shields are also available in many online weapon shops and these are mostly inspired by the shields that have been utilized by the Viking warriors.

These shields typically had a rounded shape and its design was based on an earlier type of Germanic shield; there are also wooden Viking shields that have been utilized in the past and these are also available in weapon shops today.

A lot of the Norse shields exhibited beautiful and colorful designs with intricate patterns designed on its front. The usual designs include knot-work, dragons, spirals, and even arrows.

Other Viking Collectibles

Aside from Viking gear and weapons, there are other Viking collectibles that are available in online weapon shops; they can be added to one’s collection, used for re-enactments, for decorative purposes, or these can also be given as gifts to those who have a great liking for the Viking era, their culture, and history.

The most common Viking collectibles include a variety of trinkets such as pewter miniatures, letter openers, memento boxes, decorative thimbles, and more; there are also sculptures, figures from the Viking culture such as Odin, Freya, Loki, Fenrir, etc.