Viking Broadsword

Viking Broadsword

Viking Broadsword

It was necessary for the Viking Broadsword to be strong and durable to hold its edge, and it also needed to be powerful enough to not break or bend when it is being used.

Some weapons were better at handling full-armored enemies while other weapons were better for battling lightly-armored opponents; so basically, the best sword to use for fighting depends on the battle situation.

Viking blades were easily distinguished by their pommel and hilt types since its blades were somewhat similar measuring about ninety-four centimeters in length while featuring wide and deep fullers; these weapons also had an adequately sized handle for single-handed wielding.

This was necessary since the Viking’s free hand would focus on holding other items such as a shield for protection. At some point, the broadsword’s blades also started featuring distal tapers, eventually making these well-balanced blades that were somewhat as light as the double-handed medieval swords.

Contrary to their title as brutish thugs in popular culture, the Norsemen were greatly skilled warriors who continued to perfect and master the art of war; and one way to achieve this was by creating powerful slashing tools that because of their efficiency, struck fear into the minds of everyone.

Aside from deadly weapons of war, the Viking swords could also be considered as works of art featuring handles and fittings that were covered in intricate designs and knot-work that simply showed the rich and magnificent culture of the Norsemen.

Among these weapons, the sword was definitely not an uncommon tool; warriors who acquired such pieces often considered these as battle trophies. They also often carried the weapons of their ancestors who have passed these swords down from generation to generation, giving these items more excellence and importance.

The Viking chieftains also had their own swords that usually exhibited their chosen design being more embellished with intricate style, simply to show off their status and prestige.

There may be elaborately designed Viking broadswords but the simple ones had a straight-edged blade, a short guard, central fuller, as well as a wide pommel.

These were effective for the battlefield and were also considered as deceptively quick and swift weapons especially when these Viking blades were wielded by highly skilled warriors.

Viking Broadsword

The Viking Broadsword

The Viking broadsword was among the earliest swords utilized during the medieval era, and it was a weapon that measured around ninety to a hundred and fifteen centimeters in length. It had a straight blade with sharpened edges on both sides and also featured a single fuller.

Its single-handed hilt featured a Brazil-nut-shaped pommel and a crossguard; the blade’s base was also much wider and narrower to a certain point.

The Viking broadsword is also a weapon that has a fine broad blade that usually measures around two to three inches in width. The broadsword was said to have been one of the most common weapons utilized in battles and was used as early as the beginning of the medieval era.

Eventually, the double-edged Viking broadsword was created, and it was specifically made for cutting and slicing instead of for stabbing and thrusting; but with adequate skills in utilizing the blade, one was able to easily slice off an enemy’s limbs and even their heads.

It may seem like a very effective weapon but the Viking sword had its own set of disadvantages such as being a difficult weapon to master.

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Dimensions of the Viking Broadsword

The broadsword features a double-edged blade that is usually two to three inches wide at its base then eventually tapers to a point. The weapon has a variety of sizes so its length ranges from thirty to forty-five inches with an average weight of about three to five pounds.

The primary purpose of this Viking weapon was to slash and cut the enemy soldier which is why the wielder was adequately trained to properly and effectively wield the Viking sword.

History of the Broadsword

The weapon was utilized early during the medieval era from around the sixth until the sixteenth century and its original design was kept throughout the era. It was specifically designed with a double cutting edge which was effective for slashing and cutting down the enemy.

Special types of Viking broadsword were eventually introduced right after the fourteenth century- the first type that was introduced was the claymore and was eventually followed by the basket-hilted sword. After these, the next broadsword that was introduced was the saber which appeared right after the nineteenth century.

Since the sword’s introduction around the sixth century, the Viking blades became one of the most favored weapons of the highly-skilled medieval warriors.

Viking Broadsword

With proper dedication, focus, and adequate training, these warriors were able to successfully wield the broadsword and eventually dominated the battlefield by taking advantage of their attacking and parrying skills; simultaneously, these warriors were also fully protected by their sturdy and durable battle armor.

The broadsword was also considered as a melee weapon that was about thirty to forty-five inches in length. It was a very effective tool for close-range combat since it was a very lightweight medieval weapon that was easy to control and manipulate with just a single hand.

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Just like the Vikings, their weapons also became great legends; the Viking broadsword due to its excellence and power became one of the most sought-after and popular medieval blades of all time.

Not only did the weapon have a distinct appearance, but it also had a fantastic design which made it highly effective as well. So for those who are searching for a broadsword for sale, there are numerous online weapon shops that offer such items for collectors and re-enactors.

These online shops feature different types of Viking blades which are fully functional, battle-ready, and decorative broadsword for sale. Additionally, these replica weapons are all made from durable and high-quality materials to ensure that all of the pieces are safe and durable even for practice or re-enactments.

However, before actually purchasing a Viking broadsword, it is always best to do a little research on the seller or online shop to ensure that they are legitimate and offer high-quality and finely made weapons.

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