Uwa Obi

Uwa obi

Uwa Obi – Protection from Power Cuts

Uwa Obi is categorized as a type of Samurai Armor worn by the Samurai class and retainers as part of their Samurai Suit. This is often referred to as an outer sash. The lacing for this armor part is known as Odoshi.

This is made of dyed leather or silk braid. Inexpensive armor like this used cotton. It was in the Sengoku period when this was worn by the Samurai class.

This belt as it is viewed by others was used to attach the Sageo or Saya cord of the sword to anchor it in place. Other weapons and equipment where tied to the Uwa-Obi as well.

This belt was made of linen and cloth from cotton. When the Samurai wears this Samurai Armor he wounds it two to three times around his body. When putting on this armor it was worn with the center in front of the Dou or Chest armor.

Another option is to use the two ends and wound this around the waist and tied using Hanamusubi knot. This is also known as the second belt.

These are stored in Gusoku Bitsu or wooden chests to prevent it from getting damaged when there is no need to use it.

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Hanamusubi Knot

Hana means flower and Musubi means knot. This type of knot focuses on individual knots. This type of knot was an inspiration taken from the way the gift was wrapped by somebody from China to give to the Japanese Emperor.

The Emperor was so impressed with its elegance that this started the art of Mizuhiki. In Mizuhiki a special kind of cord made from rice paper was used. Starch was used on it to make it stiff and then it was colored.

This was the art that inspired Hanumusubi. Although in this case, this took its inspiration from Buddhism in the 6th century. This is referred to as the Butterfly knot that can be easily tied and untied. This is even used during celebrations for the gift wrappings.

However, for this purpose, it was used as a belt. The way that this belt is tied allows the Samurai to work even with low light or no light confrontations.

They learn how to tie and which part of their armor they need to gain access to in order to pull their swords out of.

uwa obi

Traveling with Uwa-Obi

When traveling Samurai takes their belt and the loincloth with them, these are both used as scabbard and hilt cover for the Daisho. The Daisho is consisting of Katana and Wakizashi.

This armor and parts of it will protect them from damage. For those who accidentally kill someone, using this scabbard cover will cover the bent swords. Soft leather can be used for scabbard and hilt covers.

Traditionally this belt is white. However, as a compromise beige can be used. A Samurai when he travels wears a thick Uwa-Obi with lammerl kusazuri and haidate.

He also wears Haidate or thigh armor with his tabi boots and Suneate or shin guards. The armor is also covered using a removable jimbaori jacket.

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