Tekken – Knuckle Buster

Tekken is a Ninja Weapon referred to as Knuckle Duster. Ninja Tekken is a fist load weapon. The Tekken is favored by jujutsu like a system that places an emphasis on Atemi especially when it comes to the principle of Ikken Hissatsu.

When one learns how to apply the use of this Ninja Tool in martial arts practice he will be able to knock off or kill his opponent. One of the schools that follow the use of the Tekken is Kenpo or the fist way.

The history of Knuckle busters can be trace back when individual brawls were viewed as the origins of boxing. These help practitioners observed the power of the fist.

However, out of this, it was also observed that a fist is fragile as compared to that of a cast-iron weapon. As a result of this astute observation, the hands were substituted with the use of these iron fist.

In Roman times, these are referred to as Cestus. The Japanese Ninja was inspired to build their version of it and as a result, Tekken was born.

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Kinds and Uses

Tekken was light and easy to conceal. There are two kinds of Ninja Tekken where one has a flat surface and the other a flat surface with corners attached to it.

These Ninja Tools were made to attack enemies and as a form of self-protection. When Ninjas used the version that has corners they can get hurt when they accidentally rotate it when striking the enemy.

This Ninja weapon can behold by the forefinger and strike the enemy with it as it is concealed in the pocket. The enemy will be surprised by the effect because he will never know what hit him.

The use of Ninja Tekken sent shock waves to the enemy especially when they are caught by surprise. This weapon can inflict enough pain as it disorients the enemy.

Ninjas can now escape or continue their raid after using this tool against their enemy. Ninjas sometime could block the blow of a sword or club with the Tekken.

Shadow Warrior Weaponry

During feudal Japan, Ninjas were known for their vast arsenals of Ninja Weapons. Whether they are on a mission or simply engage in open warfare, they have devastating devices such as these weapons to elude their enemy.

They can use these tools to silence, maim and kill their enemies. Most of the weapons fall into four different types of weapons: clawed, air-propelled, invisible and pyrotechnic.

The use of these Ninja Weapons enhances their supernatural force. It must be emphasized that the Ninja were the most clever and super-spies of Japan. They are in reality assassins that are highly trained to use cunning and their skills.

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Tekkenryu in the Modern World

Tekkenryu Jujutsu was founded in 2001 by Carl Cestari and Damian Ross. The name when translated in English simply means Iron Fist System. This was a combination of the word Tekken and Ryu.

The goal was to train the mind and body into becoming like that of an iron. Having Iron Fist and Carl’s legendary knuckles equals the ability to pulverize anything that it hits.

The practice was a combination of World War II era military combat, Pre-World War II Judo, Knockdown Karate, traditional Akijujutsu and street fighting. It was during World War II when the height of hand to hand combat was heavily practiced.

There was no known technology back then like night vision and precision firearms. Learning how to use Tekken was a must since this gives the ordinary Ninja power.

Ninja Tekken inspired the development of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts practice where the players used Tekken although in this case, it comes with protective gear. MMA consists of full contact a combat sport that allows striking and grappling.