Takechi Henpeita

Takechi Henpeita

Takechi Henpeita

Takechi Henpeita was considered as an extremist member of the Kiheitai. In layman’s term, Takechi Henpeita was generally viewed as a fanatical person since he was not the typical warrior of feudal Japan.

He was a voluntary military man who took part in the army that was raised by Takasugi Shinsaku during the Bakumatsu. Takechi Henpeita was part of a small army of 300 men who came from different social classes and various domains spread throughout Japan.

Takechi Henpeita Personality

Takechi Henpeita may just be an ordinary samurai yet what made him unique was his supposed mage haircut. He was also said to be a feminist having a healthy attraction for children.

Some claim that he had a Lolita complex or what others refer to as Lolicon. He was not highly skilled in swordsmanship which was clearly exhibited when he fought in one of the battles.

He appeared as if his arms were unable to withstand the tiresome demands of war. Takechi was trembling from fatigue just minutes into the battle. He was, however, still considered as a non-fighting swordsman in his group.

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Strength as a Man

During the Benizakura arc where he fought Shimura Shinpachi, his sword skills, as previously described, were waning.

Due to this, he was never really engaged in a real battle since he was more of a strategist, leaving most of the fighting to the other members of the group. Though most of the success of the Kiheitai was due to Takechi’s brains and wit.

Takechi Henpeita’s Life under Kiheitai

As part of Kiheitai, Takechi Henpeita was taught on how to utilize Western-styled weapons and different military tactics. This militia was funded by the following supporters that included the Choshu domain, wealthy merchants, and even farmers.

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Accomplishments Of Takechi Henpeita

Takechi Hanpeita was a samurai who worked under the Tosa clan. This was during the Bakumatsu period of Japan which covers the time when the Tokugawa Shogunate ruled in the country.

He was the leader of the Kinno-to that supported the Sonno Joi. His name was originally Takechi Zuizan before he was known as Henpeita.

  • Low ranked samurai
  • Part of the anti-Bakufu members
  • The mastermind of attacks and battle strategies

Anime Depiction

Takechi Henpeita’s life was an inspiration for a certain anime called Gintama which included different Arcs:

  • Benizakura Arc. Takechi was shown to be working as Takasugi Shinsuke’s henchman.
  • Kabukicho Arc. In this anime episode, he was disguised as part of the Great Edo Ordinance.
  • Reunion Arc. Takechi appeared in the anime and disguised himself as Takasugi.
  • Shogun Assassination Arc. Like every other member of the Kiheitai, he joined Takasugi in his attempt to assassinate the Shogun

Facing Death in the Anime World

In a bid to try to control the Tosa Han, Takechi Henpeita was supported by Sakamoto Ryoma. However, this plan was not successful. He was arrested for assassinating Yoshida Toyo.

In the anime depiction, the character depicted as Takechi Henpeita was heavily wounded by a crazed opponent. His character was named in reverse as Henpeita Takechi.

Still, in the same television series, his character lived in the Meiji restoration as a samurai.

He is shown as having superhuman strength, as well as other qualities that include increased stamina, intelligence that was likened to that of a great strategist, and an effective political activist.

Takechi Henpeita Facing Death

In fiction, he was imprisoned then was tasked to take his own life for being disrespectful to his lord. Every time he would attempt to commit seppuku, he would fall asleep right in the middle of his task.

In real life, he was eventually forced to commit the traditional act of honorable death by seppuku.

Image Source: 武市瑞山 [Public domain]

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