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The Vikings are known to be Scandinavians who conquered certain parts of Europe from the ninth to the eleventh centuries. These warriors wielded the sword and revered the weapon above all, passing it down from father to son and also [Read More...]

Viking Longsword

The best and most feared Viking warriors wielded a sword since this was considered as the most prestigious weapon throughout history. These were mostly beautifully-finished equipment that was vital for any warrior during battles, as well as to display his [Read More...]

Viking Spear

The Viking spears were vitally symbolic to the Norse soldiers and were considered to be among the most common weapons during the early Viking period. These were also said to be cheap and rather easy to produce since the Viking [Read More...]

Viking Axes

When speaking of the Vikings and their weapons, most people associate these warriors with the axes, and the image that appears in most people’s minds is that these are extremely massive tools that can only be wielded by giants. But [Read More...]

Viking Collectibles

The Viking Age was an era in history that began during the Scandinavian and North European times and this lasted from the eighth to the eleventh century. During this period, the Scandinavian Vikings or Norsemen explored and traveled the oceans [Read More...]

Viking Broadsword

It was necessary for the Viking sword to be strong and durable to hold its edge, and it also needed to be powerful enough to not break or bend when it is being used. Some weapons were better at handling [Read More...]

Viking Mace

The Viking mace may be a small weapon but it is a very useful piece that is also very handy and deadly. It was most likely introduced by the horse riding individuals coming from the Eastern side of Europe and [Read More...]

Viking Swords

During the eighth century, the Viking Age – also called the Carolingian period – was the time when the Merovingian sword was first created. When the eleventh to the twelfth century came, it was the period that gave rise to [Read More...]

Viking Weapons

When reading or learning about the Viking weapons and armor, one should first remember a few vital things: one is that all adult male Vikings always wielded a weapon, and they hung their precious Viking weapons close to their beds [Read More...]

Viking Armor

Acquiring the knowledge and ideas about the Viking age’s military technology (period that ranges from the end of the eighth to the mid-eleventh century) is primarily based on the numerous archeological discoveries, pictorial representations, as well as the recorded notes [Read More...]

Viking Helmets

Some of the most popular representation of the Vikings is that they were some of the most fearsome and dangerous warriors who utilized horned helmets and numerous depictions of these warriors display the same characteristics.

Viking Shields

The Vikings were warriors who had differing appearances due to their varying styles of armor. These would mostly cover their chest and head area for more protection when they headed out to battle. For increased defense, these Viking warriors greatly [Read More...]