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Hunting Sword

In Western Europe during the time of the Middle Ages, humans regularly hunted wild animals for numerous reasons; and while game was considered – at times – as a vital source and supply of food, this was a rare source [Read More...]


The xiphos – generally pronounced as ‘ksee-fos’ – is known to be a straight, double-edged, and single-handed Iron Age weapon that was utilized by the ancient Greeks in history. It was said to be the secondary weapon utilized by these [Read More...]


The Shashka is known as the legendary weapon of the Cossacks which appears as a beautiful yet lethally dangerous sabre that was introduced to Ukraine and Russia from Caucasus. The shashka sword can be considered as a special type of [Read More...]


Swords were one of the weapons that ancient Egypt was not really fond of since Egyptians often utilized short swords and daggers as a tool for various activities. However, there was an exception to this and it was the Egyptian [Read More...]


The Cutlass is known as a broad and short saber or slashing sword that featured a straight or sometimes, slightly arched blade that was sharpened right on its cutting edge; it also had a hilt that mostly featured a basket-shaped [Read More...]


The dussack is another one single-edged sword that was categorized as a sabre or cutlass type; it was utilized as a sidearm in Germany, as well as in the Habsburg Monarchy which was during the sixteenth to the seventeenth centuries. [Read More...]


The mameluke sword is known as an arched, cross-hilted, and scimitar-like weapon that has been derived from the sabres utilized by the Mamluk warriors of Egypt; it is also related to the weapons coming from the Seljuq Empire. Mamluks were [Read More...]


The Broadsword was known as a common medieval blade that was utilized in various battles around the early medieval era; it was still highly popular and used even until the later medieval period. It is a double-edged weapon that was [Read More...]


The dagger was known to be one of the most vital pieces of equipment that our ancestors carried during the medieval times, and these were also seen in various kits of armored troops. Later, the dagger became a widespread tool [Read More...]


The Indians were known to be more inclined towards archery since their bows and arrows were said to be the most powerful and effective weapons of their time; it is also claimed that they were able to shoot over long [Read More...]


The Japanese sword – most commonly referred to as the nihonto – is known as one of the numerous kinds of classically made blades from Japan; and when speaking of the nihonto that were produced after the Heian period, those [Read More...]

Basket-Hilted Sword

The basket-hilted sword was a creation of the sixteenth century that rose to popularity during the seventeenth century; it remained as a popular tool that has been utilized throughout the eighteenth century by the heavy cavalrymen until the Napoleonic period.


The saber or sabre is a special kind of backsword that features a curved blade and it is generally linked with the light cavalry from the early Napoleonic and Modern era. Originally, this weapon was associated with the cavalry of [Read More...]

Falchion Sword

The falchion was known to be a single-edged and one-handed weapon that was of European origin and has a design that is similar to the Chinese dadao and the contemporary machete. The falchion sword was featured in a variety of [Read More...]


The kampilan is a long sword with a single-edge that has been traditionally utilized by numerous ethnic groups that live in the Philippines. The kampilan sword featured a noticeable profile with a tapered blade that was thinner and broader at [Read More...]


The term kopis (when used in Ancient Greece) describes a heavy knife that features a forward curved blade that was primarily utilized for slicing meat, animal sacrifice, and slaughter. It can also refer to single-edged cutting or cutting and thrusting [Read More...]

Two Handed Sword

One of the most interesting and notable weapons that were utilized during the Medieval and Renaissance period of Europe is the two handed sword. The term two handed sword – which was utilized as a general term – may have [Read More...]


The scimitar is a kind of sword that features an arched blade with a sharpened point and is categorized as part of the numerous cutting weapons that have been utilized in a lot battles; also, the weapon has been identified [Read More...]


The longsword is a kind of European weapon that is depicted by having a cruciform-like hilt together with a grip that can readily accommodate two-handed use. The European longsword was known to be quite popular from the years 1350 to [Read More...]


A Dirk can be characterized as a long dagger for thrusting, and based on history, it was said that the blade was the personal weapon of choice of officers who were engaged in marine hand to hand battle during the [Read More...]


The Rapier – which is also sometimes referred to as the Espada Ropera – is a term used to characterize a sword that features a sharp and slender point; and with its kind of design, the rapier is made perfect [Read More...]


The Shamshir (also known as the Mameluke sword) is among the swords of the Seljuk empire; it eventually took the name Shamshir, a Persian name, when the piece was first brought to Persia during the twelfth century. Originally, these Persian [Read More...]

Claymore Sword

The claymore sword is known as a Scottish alternative of the double-handed longsword that first came into view during the late medieval era; when interpreted literally from the Scottish Gaelic vocabulary, it generally translates to the Great Sword. This weapon [Read More...]

One Handed Sword

The category of the one-handed sword exhibits a variety of blades that are mainly created to be used with one hand and such weapons include the Viking swords, Roman Gladius, the Scottish broadsword, Rapier, the Sabre, and also the small [Read More...]