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Waikibiki is part of the Japanese Auxiliary Armor that covers areas of the body exposed by gaps in the Samurai armor. This Arm Defense is used when additional protection is required especially during battles. This Samurai Suit is a simple [Read More...]


Hakama is the Japanese term use for pants. There are several kinds of Hakama which includes Kobakama. A different kind of Hakama was worn depending on which part of the society the men belongs. During the 16th century, low class [Read More...]


One of the major parts used by Samurai Class and foot soldiers or Ashigaru is Do. It was in the early 4th century when Tanko was worn by foot soldiers and Keiko. These are types of cuirass a form of [Read More...]


Tabi are traditional socks like slippers that dates back to the 15th century. This is still categorized as part of the Samurai Suit which is ankle high. This Samurai Armor is separated the big toes from the smaller toes. These [Read More...]

Uwa Obi

Uwa Obi is categorized as a type of Samurai Armor worn by the Samurai class and retainers as part of their Samurai Suit. This is often referred to as outer sash. The lacing for this armor part is known as [Read More...]


Kyahan are cloth leggings that Samurai and their retainers wore during the Feudal Japan period. In Japan the words use for this part of the Samurai Suit are western soldier’s gaiters. Some call these are Japanese Samurai leg wraps. These [Read More...]


Sode is referred to as Spaulders because these are part of the Samurai Suit that shoulder guards. Sode-Jirushi is for badge use on the shoulder. This Samurai Armor is made of leather and iron plates; rectangular in shape. These shoulder [Read More...]


Waraji are Japanese sandals made out of straw rope. This is still a part of Samurai Suit and Samurai Armor. Samurai and foot soldiers wear these during feudal era in Japan. There are other materials that can be used in [Read More...]


Daisho are pairs of swords worn by the Samurai. This Samurai Armor takes its name from two words that depicts long and short sword. Any pairs of swords of different size are also referred to as Daisho. Orders can be [Read More...]


Suneate protects the leg specifically between the knee and ankle. This is a part of the components that protects the extremities of Samurai warriors and their retainers during feudal Japan. Suneate is part of the Samurai Suit that is handcrafted [Read More...]


In Europe Gorget refers to the throat. It was originally a band of linen wrapped around the neck and head of woman during medieval period. Later this evolves into a form of protection made of steel or leather collar designed [Read More...]


Japanese adult males traditionally wore Fundoshi or undergarments. This is part of their Samurai Suit even if this barely covers the lower part of the body. Traditionally made Fundoshi is made of a certain length of cotton. Even if this [Read More...]


History shows that Haidate first appeared in the picture in the 13th century but, it was not until the 16th century when it became in demand. The first few examples of the early forms of this Samurai Suit was odd [Read More...]


Kote is the term used referring to an old Japanese name for Samurai Suit or period Samurai Armor. These are armoured sleeves protecting the wrist of the Japanese warrior. Certain parts of the body can be flexible however; the wrist [Read More...]


Kyudo is known as Japanese martial arts of archery. An expert in this field is referred to as Kyudoka. As a form of protection for the hands these archers wear Yugake on their right hand. These are generally made of [Read More...]


Shitagi is a term that refers to a Samurai Suit worn under the clothes. Simply put this is a type of shirt worn as a form of Samurai armor when they are about to wear their full armor during battle. [Read More...]


Menpo is also known as Mempo or Mengu. At times it is also referred to as Men Yoroi. Menpo mask is worn by Samurai and their retainers during Feudal Japan. These Samurai helmets belong to different kinds of Japanese facial [Read More...]


Obi is a sash used as belt for traditional Japanese dress. It is also used as part of Samurai Suit like uniforms worn by Japanese martial arts practitioner even during Feudal Japan. This belt is worn by both men and [Read More...]


Kabuto Helmet is a type of helmet used in ancient Japan by warriors. These Samurai helmets are worn by Samurai warriors and their retainers during feudal Japan. This Samurai helmet is an important part of the Samurai equipment. This plays [Read More...]


O-yoroi was worn by the Samurai class of Feudal Japan. It consists of two parts of which Waidate is one of these. The upper part of this arm protection was made of solid iron plate covered with leather. The second [Read More...]