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Roman Shields

The utilization of shields during battle comes all the way from pre-history and has always been present in the earliest civilizations. During any armed combat, the shields were utilized specifically to block and protect the wielder from attacks produced by [Read More...]

Roman Collectibles

Roman gear and weapons provided the Roman soldiers great advantage in the battlefield, allowing them to conquer most areas in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Roman soldiers were extensively equipped compared to most of their opponents, and the [Read More...]

Roman Broadsword

The Roman army was known and famed for their strength, discipline, innovation, and organization in both their battle tactics and use of weapons. Their prowess allowed Rome to actually establish and defend their huge empire that had dominated the Mediterranean [Read More...]

Roman Mace

The mace was a powerful weapon of war which was utilized by Roman soldiers to break the body armor or chain mail of the opposing warrior. It was also during the medieval period when the King of England’s bodyguards were [Read More...]

Roman Shop

Even before Christianity came about, the Roman Empire was already among the richest nations in the world; it was a glorious empire established by the laws of blood and power, plus it was also an institution where a simple soldier [Read More...]

Roman Longsword

Long swords were great weapons that were mainly utilized during the middle and the late medieval era, and the longsword is known to be a highly efficient defensive and offensive weapon that can be used for deflecting and parrying. It [Read More...]

Roman Spear

The spear has been a weapon utilized by mankind for the longest time and it is often considered as one of the earliest and most efficient tools and weapons around. When swords were not efficient enough for the battlefield, Roman [Read More...]

Roman Axes

The Roman Empire’s army was known across the world for their prowess and extensive fighting abilities. They were successful due to their well-organized and highly disciplined soldiers, and every new recruit was required to learn how to properly march in [Read More...]

Roman Gladius

The Roman soldiers were greatly known for their strong, brutal, effective, and efficient utilization of the short sword, and throughout history, the style and design of these weapons have changed just like the tactics and strategies have. In the beginning, [Read More...]

Roman Swords

Roman warriors were known to be very tough and strong since they were able to march over twenty miles a day while carrying numerous weapons and equipment that were heavy and solid. Aside from these items, the Roman soldiers were [Read More...]

Roman Weapons

Throughout history, when the Roman military achieved success and victory in numerous battles, their weapons have further evolved and developed to meet and match all the demands that appeared on the battlefield. Roman Soldiers were required to be prepared for [Read More...]

Roman Armor

For any warrior, the armor is considered as one of the most vital pieces of equipment that they have, and this holds true even for the soldiers of this time and age. Throughout history, the technology and development of the [Read More...]

Roman Helmets

The Roman armor was not as advanced as the medieval period’s plate armor, but the life of a Roman soldier could be saved with the help of the protective helmet. The lobed edges of the Roman helmet may appear odd [Read More...]