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Chinese Saber

A Dao – which is known as a single-edged weapon – is mainly utilized for chopping and slashing various targets and its most common form is the Chinese Saber; during instances when these weapons feature a wider blade, these are [Read More...]

Chinese Swords

The Chinese swords are just as old as China and these also have a long history just like the country. Bronze blades have appeared all the way back from the Shang Dynasty as the bronze daggers that have been utilized [Read More...]

Dadao Sword

The Dadao – which is among the varieties of Chinese Sabers – is also known as the Chinese Great Sword. Based on the knives used for agricultural activities, the Dadao are featured with broad blades that measure about two to [Read More...]

Hook Sword

The Hook Sword, Hu Tou Gou, Shuang Gou, or the Fu Tao is known as a Chinese weapon that is commonly associated with the style of northern Chinese martial arts but today, these are also associated with the southern style [Read More...]


The Chinese War Sword is said to be one of the most iconic weapons that have appeared in during the very first half of the second century, and the weapon is greatly connected with both the ideas of social order [Read More...]


The Zhanmadao is a single-bladed Chinese weapon that is also known as an anti-cavalry sword, this was most common in the years 960 to 1279 during the Song Dynasty. The weapon may have been the basis of the zanbatou since [Read More...]

Changdao Sword

Just like the rich culture and history of China, the swords and weapons also have a long history. Bronze blades were traced all the way back to the Shang dynasty where daggers were commonly made out of bronze. In the [Read More...]


Swords have a very long and rich history in China; there were different types of pieces available and some of these include the bronze swords which were weapons that have been traced all the way back to the Shang dynasty. [Read More...]

Dao Sword

The Dao is known to be a single-edged Chinese blade that is mainly used for chopping and slicing through targets. The most common form of this weapon is known as the Chinese Saber, and these types of swords with much [Read More...]


The Yanmaodao or the goose quill saber is a kind of Dao that has been utilized as a standard military weapon in the years 1368 to 1800 of the Ming Dynasty, as well as in the mid-Qing Dynasty. During the [Read More...]

Chinese War Sword

The Chinese War Sword was made popular by the twenty-ninth Army of the Chinese Nationalist group that fought against the Japanese during World War II. The army battled and held their position for seven straight days and nights at Xifengkou, [Read More...]

Bagua Dao

Originally, the Bagua Dao was made from bronze but it was eventually produced using iron and steel; the very first Chinese swords were said to have appeared three thousand years ago during the Shang Dynasty. While being ahead of their [Read More...]

Butterfly Sword

This Butterfly Sword appears as a single edged weapon or short dao; it was from the southern portion of China though it is also being used in the North. Butterfly Swords are various types of sabers with only a single [Read More...]


The saber or broadsword is known to be a single-edged weapon that features a moderately arched blade. This feature allows for better slashing and thrusting and the sword’s hilt usually curves in the opposite direction; this improves the handling of [Read More...]

Miao Dao

The Miao Dao is known as a Chinese double-handed saber that appeared during the Republican era. Miao Dao translates to sprout saber which refers to its likeness between a freshly sprouted plant and a weapon. While the weapon is just [Read More...]


The Jian is known as a straight, double-edged sword that has been utilized during the last two thousand five hundred years in China. The very first sources that mentioned the weapon date all the way to the seventh century BCE. [Read More...]


Swords have always had a long history in numerous countries and some (just like the bronze weapons) have been traced all the way back to the bronze daggers that came from China’s Shang dynasty. The long swords made of bronze [Read More...]


The Liuyedao (which literally translates to willow leaf saber) are specific types of dao or single-edged Chinese swords that were commonly utilized as a sidearm for both the infantry and cavalry men of the Qing and Ming dynasties. Numerous Chinese [Read More...]

Chinese Spear

Qiang is known as the Chinese term for the spear, and because of its easy way of production, there were numerous styles and variations of these on the battlefield. This is also considered as one of the four primary weapons [Read More...]

Chinese Broadsword

Chinese swords undeniably have a long history just like China and blades such as the bronze swords have been traced back to as early as the Shang dynasty; and at some point during the middle of the third century BC, [Read More...]

Jian Sword

The Jian or Chinese straight sword is probably one of the weapons that greatly represent the Chinese swordsmanship. It is a straight, double-edged sword that has been utilized since the last 2,500 years in the country. The very first sources [Read More...]