Sword Cane

The sword cane or tactical cane is generally a cane that disguises a blade and is considered as a weapon that has been utilized for years. Its term usually describes weapons manufactured in Europe during the eighteenth century; yet aside from these, other pieces that are considered as cane swords included the Indian Gupti, the Roman Dolon, and the Japanese Shikomizue. These sword canes are generally very useful items since it lets the wielder safely conceal a self-defensive weapon in a regular-looking walking aid. Because of its interesting and unique aspect, the sword cane has also become a very popular piece utilized in numerous Hollywood films; plus, it has also become a great item to include in a growing collection of sword pieces.

The Cane Swords

Some time ago during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, this type of weapon reached its heights and became one of the most sought-after and favored fashion accessories used by a lot of wealthy people. During these periods, wielding the sword canes (as well as any other kind of weapon) were not generally acceptable especially on social occasions; but even if this was the case, there were still numerous individuals who were part of the upper class who continued to go around carrying their sword cane since they were finely trained in actually wielding the weapon for self-defense.

Another common sight was having women carry parasols with knives or swords hidden in these, but wielding such things were said to be even more socially improper and unacceptable especially for women, even if their sole purpose of carrying these is for self-defense. After these types of pieces were introduced to society, other kinds of cane swords appeared and were called the gadget canes; furthermore, there were still quite a lot of individuals who purchased sword canes for sale or had custom handmade canes made based specifically on their personal preferences.

Sword Cane

The Development of Sword Canes

When creating these kinds of weapons, there is a specific type of wood that is utilized to produce a fine and durable sword cane. Malacca wood is the choice for such pieces since it makes for an excellent and sturdy cane shaft. Malacca wood or rattan stems have numerous properties that make it highly suitable for creating this piece of weapon, as well as other items such as art pieces and handicrafts; it can also be used to produce such items like plant containers, rattan baskets, and also other beautiful decorative pieces. Due to the wood’s resistance and durability against splitting, sections of these can be utilized as staves or canes specifically for martial arts. So during the production of the sword canes, manufacturers often created the weapons featuring a standard tsuka that were usually metallic and rounded.

But generally, there were designer and collector sword canes for sale that were produced by utilizing a variety of high-quality materials; so when a person used to shop for cane swords for sale, they may have already come across pieces that had sterling silver tsukas or those that had wooden shafts made from high-quality and durable wood such as Malacca wood and bamboo. There were also times when these customized or special canes for sale were adorned with beautiful, unique, and ornate designs such as skulls, animal heads, roses, or other types of emblems to make the piece aesthetically appealing; these designs were actually carved into the cane’s wooden handles, giving it a more personal and beautiful vibe. Additionally, the cane swords are also mostly made out of stainless steel, as well as blades that appear to have the point of a rapier.

The sword cane features numerous types of mechanisms that help lock the cane’s blade in place; but even with this, there are still occurrences of accidents that occasionally happen with its push-to-release system. Aside from this, there are also other featured mechanisms that function as the twist locking and double lock system.

Customized Sword Cane

The sword cane features uniquely intricate styles and designs which have always been the best characteristics of these kinds of pieces; and because of this aspect, a lot of cane and weapon enthusiasts see to it that they have their own piece in their collection, thus, continue to find some of the best sword canes for sale. These individuals know greatly about these meticulously styled, crafted, and designed pieces and they can even have their own customized sword canes made if they wished. For those who are planning to have such an elegant piece added to their collection, the availability of these canes is still present. Also, there are various selections that feature a range of designs and styles, canes with ergonomic designs, handmade canes, the classic sword cane, and also the lightweight canes that are all created by professional artisans.

There are a lot of beautiful sword canes for sale and these can also be custom-made based on the customer’s style and preference. One can find these in a couple of weapon shops that offer cane swords that are made beautifully and from high-quality materials. However, before one actually purchases cane swords for sale, it is vital to always do a little research or background check on the seller or shop to ensure that they are legitimate and provide weapons that are made only from the finest materials available.

Legality of Sword Canes

The sword cane’s legality is a state and municipal concern – it means that there are different rules on such pieces depending on the state a person travels to or lives in. Not only that, but there are also varying distinctions that are present depending on the municipality one stays in.

As a rule, numerous states claim that the sword cane is a concealed weapon, so when a person is caught with one, no matter what he or she uses this for, the owner will be required to pay a large fine or worse, will have to face jail time. Additionally, there are also specific state laws that restrain people from selling or carrying these types of weapons, and some areas implementing these laws include California and Arkansas.