Saya – Traditional Katana Scabbard

Saya is the term that simply refers to Japanese sword scabbard. Generally, the scabbard is made of lightweight material like wood and coated with lacquer on its exterior. When taking out the sword from the scabbard take it slowly or some fingers might be severed out.

If the person handling the drawing out the sword from its scabbard is a professional, he can do this quicker than somebody who is a novice. The Katana Scabbard has a wooden knob as well or Kurikata. This is attached to the braided cord or Sageo. The scabbard is hand carved and sanded to fit the sword blade.

Traditional versions used Honoki wood. Higher-end Saya is fitted with water buffalo horn parts. Traditional versions do not use plastic or wood. After this, the scabbard is coated with cashew lacquer. This produces a scabbard that looks superior to the average one sold by manufacturers of Japanese swords.


The Different Parts

  • Sageo – This is a cord made of cotton, silk, rayon or leather hanging from the Scabbard. There are several ways to wrap and tie the Sageo on the Katana sheath to make the sword aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In some schools of practice, the Sageo is tied to the Hakama during martial arts practice sessions
  • Kurikata – This is a knob attached to the sword Saya. The cord secures this part to the Obi (Japanese belt) by passing through the hole in the Kurikata
  • KoiguchiKoiguchi refers to the mouth of the Scabbard and its fittings.
  • Kojiri – This is the endpoint of the scabbard or the protective part of the end part of the scabbard


Types of Katana Saya

Our biggest selection of Saya is available for Katana sized blades, however, some unique design is available for other samurai swords, through the samurai swords store app you can choose the type of Saya that you prefer, which are categorized into four sections,

  • Lacquered Wood – Different colors and different designs of lacquered wood Saya, this is our most basic Saya models most of them are without any extra charge, however, some models have an additional price to them
  • Wood – Natural wood Saya, you can choose between Rosewood and Redwood with or without Buffalo horn tips.
  • Full Ray Skin – Different colors of full ray skin Saya with Buffalo horn tips
  • High Quality – a variety of beautiful and extraordinary collection, made from high quality materials and feature some amazing art.

Over a certain period of time because of constant sheathing and un-sheating the Saya becomes loose. An even good kind of scabbard becomes loose over time.

Some experts recommend buying a tight one to avoid encountering this scenario while some say learn how to shim the Saya.

This is accomplished by fixing a thin piece of wood dust into the mouth of the Saya on each side. This will fill any undesirable spaces to make it fit into the Habaki.

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