Roman Swords

Roman Swords

Roman Swords

Roman warriors were known to be very tough and strong since they were able to march over twenty miles a day while carrying numerous weapons and equipment that were heavy and solid.

Aside from these items, the Roman soldiers were also required to carry tents and other items such as cooking pots, and even food while wearing their heavy armor.

During this period, the Roman Army had a very distinguished collection of armor and weapons that were specifically made for their soldiers; from the Roman swords, armor, to the enormous siege weapons, the Roman army was one of the well-equipped during these warring periods.

The Roman soldiers wielded numerous types of advanced weapons that featured designs that have mostly disappeared during the Middle Ages and the weapons that most Roman soldiers wielded included the pilum, light spear, or the javelin that was more than six feet in length.

During the Empire period when the legion was altered, the infantry was said to have been wearing helmets and cuirasses while carrying daggers and swords; however, there were a few select infantry who were allowed to carry the shield and spear while the rest of the soldiers wielded the pilum.

Each of these men carried a mattock, saw, basket, leather strap, hatchet, chain, a hook, as well as provisions that could last them for three days.


The main Roman Swords: Gladius

The Gladius was known as the main Roman sword utilized by the foot soldiers in Ancient Rome and these were items used from the fourth century BC to the third century AD. These warriors were greatly disciplined and skilled which is why great weapons such as the Roman blades were vital for infantry and cavalrymen.

The excellent prowess combined with the great advances of the techniques in sword-making makes the Roman swords some of the deadliest weapons in history. To identify what type of sword a soldier utilized during the period, the name was usually etched right on the blade for identification.

This sword was made specifically for stabbing so it features characteristics such as a v-shaped point which is excellent for cutting through spaces right between the cartilage and even the opponent’s ribs; additionally, this Roman sword was also considered quite versatile since it was also excellent for slashing due to its sharpened double edges.

Moreover, the Gladius was also a necessity for Roman warriors since it was efficient for formations where all soldiers draw their swords from the right side before attacking.

The smaller types of Roman swords were the most adequate complement to the scutum shields that most soldiers utilized during various battle formations; these were vital to provide the troops with enough speed and agility to draw their weapons out quickly while using the shield to defend themselves.

Roman Swords

The Different Types of Gladius

Over the years, the design and style of the Gladius were eventually improved and altered as the Roman troops came face to face with various enemies who carried different types of weapons.

This specific kind of sword had different types and these included the Pompeii, Mainz, plus the Gladius Graecus.

The Gladius Graecus

This sword appeared with a leaf-like shape and was originally utilized by the Greek hoplites; these were the Ancient Greek’s citizen-soldiers and some of these individuals included Sparta. The sword was carried by the Hoplomachus and the Busturius gladiators.

The Mainz

The Mainz features a slight waist that runs through the length of the weapon’s blade; it also has a long point that is perfect for reach.


It is a weapon depicted by sharp parallel cutting edges together with a triangular-shaped tip.

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Other Known Roman Swords

The Gladius was probably one of the most vital swords carried by the soldiers of Rome and it was also known as one of the best Roman weapons of all time. However, there were also other known blades that the Roman soldiers utilized for battle.

Here are some of the other Roman swords that they have used in the past:


The Spatha is a Roman sword that was slightly stronger and more durable compared to the famous Gladius; it was also one of the primary swords utilized by the Roman cavalry.

The Spatha featured a straight, sturdy blade that measured a bit longer compared to Gladius; it was utilized during the Roman battles but it was also used by warriors in various gladiator games.

Later in history, the weapon was also adopted by various Barbarian tribes thus, later on allowing the weapon to revolve into the early medieval blades.

Roman Swords


This is known as a huge dagger or short sword that has been utilized by the ancient Illyrians, Dacians, and the Thracians; these were also used in Ancient Rome by the warriors who engaged in battles.

The Sica was originally characterized by its arched blade and numerous samples of the weapon have been located in areas such as Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and even in Serbia. Furthermore, it was also said that Decebalus, the Dacian King committed suicide using this type of weapon.

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The Roman troops have always favored the sword as their weapon for battle, and more specifically, it was the Gladius that they always carried for defense and offensive purposes. Throughout the years, Gladius went through a variety of changes some for more efficiency while other changes were simply for its appearance and style.

In this day and age, a lot of sword enthusiasts continue to search for Roman swords for sale that they can definitely find in numerous online weapon shops. Aside from the Gladius, there are also other famous Roman swords for sale such as the Spatha, the much shorter Roman swords called the Dolches, or the curved Roman Blades known as the Sicas.

A lot of these Roman swords can be found in online weapon shops and most of this equipment is fully functional; however, if one prefers to purchase a weapon to add to their collection, there are also available Roman swords that are perfect for adornments and decorative purposes.

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