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Even before Christianity came about, the Roman Empire was already among the richest nations in the world; it was a glorious empire established by the laws of blood and power, plus it was also an institution where a simple soldier could slowly rise from a provincial commoner to as high as the head of a republic.

Most people know of the Roman weapons and armor from books, photos, statues, as well as from numerous items that have been acquired by modern archeologists.

Roman soldiers were known to wear protective armor that was made from leather and iron strips; and on their head, they wore a galea which was specifically a metallic helmet.

They also carried a scutum or rectangular shield that is adequately curved to protect their body during the battle, the shield was also made out of leather and wood.

For their main weapons, these were the gladius for stabbing and the long spear or javelin/pilum which is utilized for throwing. Javelins have sharp tips with thin and flexible shafts, so when the weapon hits an opponent’s shield, its point would penetrate but the shaft would simply bend.

Since this would be difficult to pull out, the opponent would need to discard his shield and it would leave him vulnerable to more attacks from the Roman soldiers.

During the medieval period, only men were allowed to join the Roman army and only a Roman citizen could be a part of their group.

The soldier should be at least twenty years of age and was not supposed to marry while being part of the army; also, they were required to stay with the army for at least twenty-five years before these Roman soldiers could retire with a gift of land or pension; when it comes to the older soldiers, they often settled down together with their fellow soldiers either in a colonia or a military town.

The Roman soldiers in full gear would be a common and very familiar image from history since these individuals have appeared in famous works throughout the centuries; these include sculptures, paintings, and even vases.

Due to their presence, numerous people in this day and age want to experience being a ‘Roman soldier’ even once, and the best way to do this is to collect fine medieval pieces or armor and weapons from a reliable Roman shop online.

In a Roman shop, there are also various types of accessories that one can also purchase to complete the look of a traditional Roman soldier.

Things you can Purchase at a Roman Shop

Every Roman store offers a fine line of excellently made Roman weapons, shields, body armor, helmets, accessories, and clothing to re-enactors and collectors.

These items are made from top-notch materials and are also categorized into three portions: the battle-ready equipment that is efficient for mock battles and reenactments.

Roman Shop

The functional weapons and armor that are perfect for target practice and training, plus the decorative pieces that are elaborately detailed since these are specifically made for adornments and displays.

Listed below are the various types of items that one can purchase from a Roman shop.

Swords and Other Weapons

A Roman soldier usually wielded around four weapons since having a backup was highly necessary when heading out to battle. It was also common to find these soldiers with two throwing spears (the javelin) which would be thrown towards the enemy right from a distance; when it came to close-ranged combat, the soldier would draw out their gladius sword and attack the opponent.

In emergency cases, each of these soldiers could utilize a pugio or dagger as a last resort while out on the battlefield. To protect themselves against enemies, these Roman legionaries would carry large shields with a rectangular shape that could cover their bodies from the knees up to the shoulders.

Today, there is a wide selection of items that one can choose from, and when it comes to checking out and purchasing items from a Roman shop, one must definitely choose the best Roman armor and Roman swords for sale.

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Armor Helmets and Shields

The most commonly known Roman armor is the lorica segmentata and is made from iron bands which make it the most protective piece that was utilized around the ninth century BC to the third century A.D.

Roman soldiers also utilized the muscle armor just as the Greeks did, thanks to its impressive design. Gladiators also were given pieces of armor just like the Greeks since this provided utmost protection, especially during battles.

For the gladiators, they traditionally wore a mix of armor made from metal and leather that featured prominent safeguarding gear such as the manica and the pauldrons, both used to protect the arms and the shoulders; greaves for one’s legs were also utilized for full protection.

The Roman armor is spectacular and unique since it offers a distinct yet beautiful appearance that is unforgettable. And for those who truly admire the appearance and use of the equipment and would want to use these to decorate one’s home, shopping for the armor at an online Roman store is one of the best ways to acquire such pieces.

Costumes and Accessories

The clothing and armor of Roman officers and gladiators are present at a Roman shop and one will definitely find high-quality items that have been replicated.

The costumes, clothing, and accessories have all been specifically fashioned for re-enactors for them to utilize these pieces as costumes, for church passion plays, movies, stage plays, and a lot more; these would also be an excellent addition to weapon enthusiasts growing collection of medieval pieces.

Roman Shop

To complete the Roman soldier’s attire, one can also find marching sandals in a Roman shop so that it can complete the whole ensemble of a medieval warrior.

A serious collector who purchases lots of armor may also find armor stands in these shops and these are vital items for every collector especially when they have a large number of finely-made armor that can be set up for display in their homes or in a museum.

Tips when Buying at a Roman Store

When shopping for Roman items such as weapons, armor, accessories, and other equipment, always ensure that these are made from high-quality materials. This is necessary since replica weapons should be safe and durable to avoid any form of accidents when utilizing these for re-enactments or practice.

It is also important that every piece, portion, and detail are thoroughly made, especially for decorative pieces to keep the longevity of each weapon, armor, and even the accessories.

To do this, doing a background check or taking the time to do a little research on the shop or seller is necessary to make sure that they are legitimate sellers and have a good record when it comes to selling such items.

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