Roman Collectibles

Roman Collectibles

Roman collectibles (gear and weapons) provided the Roman soldier’s great advantage in the battlefield, allowing them to conquer most areas in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Roman soldiers were extensively equipped compared to most of their opponents, and the difference between their equipment and that of the Barbarian warriors was definitely clear: the well-equipped Roman legionaries utilized a helmet together with body armor while simultaneously wielding sophisticated Roman weapons like the ballista. As for the barbarian warriors, they simply carried shoddy weapons.

Today, a lot of online weapon shops feature almost every tool that a Roman re-enactor would need. The Roman collectibles usually include an excellent selection of fully functional leather and steel Roman armor just like the muscle armor, Lorica Segmenta, Roman greaves, and the gladiator armor.

Aside from these pieces, there are also numerous Roman gear and clothing available which include items such as the gladiator sandals, Roman tunics, and the leather belts.

Roman helms are also available and this piece is one of the things that complete the Roman soldier’s or centurion’s full ensemble; however, a Roman warrior’s gear will not be complete without the Roman sword such as the spatha or gladius.

Additionally, other fine weapons like the Roman spears, daggers, and shields are also some of the Roman collectibles that medieval enthusiasts and hobbyists look forward to acquiring.

If one wishes to complete the look, ambiance, and the atmosphere of the medieval period, it would also be smart to obtain Roman camping gear like fire pits and other tools useful for movies, Renaissance fairs, historical re-enactments, and theatrical productions.

At times, there are also some weapon shops that offer excellent Roman jewelry, coins, statues, and other Roman collectibles that are excellent props and great gifts.

The Roman Swords

The Roman sword is considered as one of the most popular weapons of all time and the Roman infantry and legionnaires utilized these together with the pilums, spears, shields, and also the breastplate.

Earlier samples of these swords had wider blades compared to the later models such as the Pompeii sword a slightly narrower Roman sword that featured a straight blade.

Online weapon shops offer a great selection of fully functional Roman swords such as the Roman spatha, gladiator swords, Pompeii gladii, Mainz gladii, sica swords, and a lot more.

Additionally, most of the Roman collectible swords from weapon shops are efficient for stage performances, historical re-enactments, and movies while the other decorative weapons are excellent for serious collectors.

Roman collectibles

Roman Spears

The noblemen, knights, and even the commoners favored the spear since this allowed them to easily strike down their foes without putting themselves at risk and within their opponent’s reach. These weapons were considerably easier to create compared to swords, making this one of the best equipment for army recruits.

Roman soldiers usually carried a pilum a javelin-like polearm that was also a very efficient weapon for battle. Numerous online shops also sell these types of Roman spears and the replicas are featured with varying sizes and weights; there are also other types of Roman spears as well as gladiator tridents that are available for purchase.

Aside from fully functional polearms, there are also available pieces that are created specifically for training while others are made more for decorative and display purposes.

Roman Shields

Aside from the weapons, there were also numerous types of Roman shields available in the past. Most of those who utilized these items were the Roman soldiers since it was primarily used for safeguarding themselves on the battlefield.

During the earlier medieval period, these shields were flat and had an oval shape, yet during the invasion of Britain, most of the shields changed and appeared with a curved front and a rectangular shape that somehow resembled the part of a cylinder this shield was called the scutum.

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When investing in Roman collectibles, one should definitely acquire finely made decorative and functional Roman scutum and shield replicas that come in a variety of sizes and shapes; also, there are numerous centurion, legionnaire, and gladiator shields that exhibit elaborate artwork such as wings, scorpions, laurels, and other symbols.

Helmets and Armor

There are a lot of weapon shops that feature a wide selection of Roman gear for sale that is perfect for re-enactors and serious collectors; they offer items such as Roman crested helmets, Roman soldier galea, gladiator helms, and a variety of armor that can perfectly complete a collection or make for an excellent display for re-enactments.

The Roman armor was considered as the last line of defense and protection against enemies and online weapon shops today offer different types of historical Roman armor that one can select from. Some of the items available include the Lorica Segmenta, muscle armor, and the scale armor.

There are also leg protectors available and these are the Roman and gladiator greaves; for arm protectors, these include the gladiator arm guards and Roman bracers.

Roman Collectibles

Roman Clothing and Accessories

To complete one’s Roman collectibles, one should also include Roman apparel that can also be found in numerous online shops. It would be necessary for re-enactors to have high-quality Roman and gladiator clothing to make their historical scenes more realistic; they would require pieces such as tunics, sandals, belts, wear skirts, and a lot more.

To add to the traditional appearance, adding various accessories to the look will make everything better; there is a plethora of high-quality historical jewelry which includes pieces that have been inspired by the culture and history of ancient Rome such as Roman rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even pendants.

The medieval clothing and accessories are a great addition to one’s Roman collectibles but these are more vital for re-enactors to make their scenes in plays or movies more realistic.

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There are a lot of online weapon stores that offer great Roman collectibles for sale to cater all the needs and necessities of re-enactors and enthusiasts who enjoy the history, culture, and the weapons of the medieval period.

Additionally, these weapon and accessory shops also sell the best Roman gear that one will ever need since it provides adequate protection from top to bottom especially for those who participate in re-enactments and mock battles.

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