Roman Broadsword

Roman BroadSword

Roman Broadsword

The Roman army was known and famed for their strength, discipline, innovation, and organization in both their battle tactics and the use of weapons like the Roman Broadsword.

Their prowess allowed Rome to actually establish and defend their huge empire that had dominated the Mediterranean and numerous places for centuries.

Due to their long, excellent, and highly successful history, it was possible for the Roman military to experience the evolution of their weapons so that these would meet all of the demands that are necessary on the battlefield.

The Roman soldiers were effective and highly skilled when they approached the battlefield in a smart and calculated manner. If an enemy had successfully taken down a Roman group, these fighters would then employ the enemy weapon to their own ranks and use these against them.

Yet regardless of what weapons these Roman soldiers have utilized, the result simply ended with their military domination that lasted for centuries. The Roman military was extremely vital since they were necessary to actually sustain their whole empire.

Main Weapons of the Roman Soldiers

The main weapon of the Roman soldiers would be the javelin for throwing, the Roman sword, and a long spear. The javelin featured a sharp iron point which was accompanied by a thin and bendable shaft. When the weapon hit an opponent’s shield, the point would stick in but its shaft would eventually bend.

This was not a liability of the weapon since it was very difficult to pull out; and if an enemy attempted to remove the javelin from his shield, it would definitely be a challenge so the only move left for him would be to discard his shield, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

The early Roman blades were quite similar to Greek swords, but during the third century BC, the Roman soldiers adopted weapons that were similar to the ones utilized by the Celtiberians.

Roman Broadsword

The Roman broadsword features a broad blade that usually has double cutting edges. These were useful for executing cutting moves rather than stabbing moves; but despite this, the broadsword was a common weapon utilized in numerous battles in the past.

The double-edged Roman broadsword was made specifically for cutting instead of stabbing, and with adequate skill, techniques, and power, the wielder can easily cut off an enemy’s limbs and even their heads.

Although it was a very useful and efficient weapon, its disadvantage would be that the Roman broadsword was challenging to master, and one required a lot of time to perfect this.

Roman BroadSword

Features of the Roman Broadsword

The broadsword featured a double-edged blade that had a width of two to three inches at its base. Depending on the user, the length of the broadsword ranged from thirty to forty-five inches and it weighed about three to five pounds.

The primary purpose of this weapon was to slash and slice an enemy soldier, so if the wielder was highly trained in using the Roman broadsword, he can easily cut off parts of the enemy’s body such as his head or limbs with just a single slash.

How was the Roman Broadsword Utilized in Battle

Depending on the battle situation and the equipment utilized for warfare, the Roman Broadsword could be wielded with one or two hands; however, the most effective way to utilize the weapon to the Roman soldier’s advantage is by wielding this with a single hand while the other would carry a shield for protection.

Those who were thoroughly trained in using the longer version of the Roman blades were usually taught how to use the weapon at an early age, and they could easily wield the weapon despite wearing a complete set of appropriate armor.

While on horseback, these Roman soldiers could easily take on five to ten enemies at a time without wavering and having any form of difficulty.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Broadsword


The Roman sword was considered as a very lightweight and agile weapon that made the act of cutting and slashing easy, as long as the wielder received adequate and proper training.

Depending on the sword’s length, it could serve a variety of purposes but Roman soldiers usually opted for the forty-five-inch Roman blades due to the range of fighting that it allowed.

The broadsword was also among the sturdiest and durable Roman weapons during that time and it could be utilized in numerous battles without it breaking easily. Heavy cavalry usually attacked and charged into the battlefield using the weapon to readily cut down their enemies.


It is known to be quite lightweight, but because of this, the wielder was required to carry a shield to successfully guard various attacks coming from the enemy.

Its lightness also prevented the wielder from executing a lot of serious damage against the heavily armored enemies during certain confrontations.

Roman BroadSword

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