The Niuweidao which translates to Ox-tailed Sword is a type of Dao during the late Qing Dynasty period. It is quite a heavy-bladed weapon that features a flaring tip, and it was considered as a civilian’s weapon since the imperial soldiers were never issues to this.

The Niuweidao sword was also fashioned specifically for one of the Chinese martial arts and today, the weapon is being utilized for numerous Kung Fu movies. It has been recorded that the sword has been used all the way back from the ancient Chinese period where it was also used for sporting activities other than a tool for battles.

The saber or broadsword is known to be a single-edged weapon that features a moderately arched blade. This feature allows for better slashing and thrusting and the sword’s hilt usually curves in the opposite direction; this improves the handling of the blade and is made even better by having a rounded cross-guard.

At times, the hilts of these Chinese swords also feature scarves or lanyards. The word dao also literally means a knife and is utilized in reference to any type of single-edged blade.

Characteristics of the Niuweidao

The Niuweidao swords came from civilian circles around the nineteenth century and were commonly utilized among rebels while martial artists made it known as one of the archetypal types of sabers of the Chinese.

The swords are described by having thin blades that flare out close to the tip; this area has a rounder cutting section compared to other Chinese sabers. The design is perfected specifically for cutting soft targets.

The Niuweidao is a single-bladed saber with just one sharpened edge; its blade is shorter compared to the other kinds of Dao that usually appear long. The blade’s shaft is long enough and usually measures up to twenty-nine centimeters; this allows the wielder to attack at a safe distance especially during close-range combat.

The Niuweidao sword has a narrow blade close to its handle yet is slightly wider towards the ends; it also features a slight arch at its extreme end to appear with a wide and heavy tip this provides the sword a distinct characteristic of having a flared tip. Its width also measures around 3.5 centimeters.

The head or the widest portion of the tip can often be twice as wide as the root; and also, its blade is curved just like most handles of the Niuweidao. The weapon is considered to be very well-balanced due to being a full tang and also because its blade’s spine is tapered.


Historical Background

Utilization of the Niuweidao is traced all the way back to the early nineteenth century during the late Qing Dynasty which is also known as the Great Qing, the empire of the great Qing, or the Manchu Dynasty.

During this period, the Qing Dynasty faced multiple issues of being invaded by other empires and the Niuweidao became highly popular since it was utilized to restore the dynasty especially in the year 1917.

The Oxtail Saber was predominantly used by martial artists than the military, making its design quite difficult to attribute to a specific period. Nevertheless, this Niuweidao was known as the most recognizable and popular among the Chinese Broadswords.

Niuweidao Swords for Sale

Although not as popular as the katana, the Chinese swords were also highly favored weapons for battle since these provided excellent movement and speed; this is the reason why replica Chinese swords for sale can be found in a lot of weapon shops today.

The Niuweidao is probably one of the best weapon-grade swords that are around and this is the reason why a lot of people wish to purchase this piece and either use it for practice or to add to their growing collection of Chinese weapons.

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