Medieval Collectibles

Medieval Collectibles

Medieval Collectibles

Protecting and safeguarding each other during battles have always been a primary concern for every soldier, and medieval knights were no different from these individuals.

In fact, it was the protective medieval armor of these individuals that defined them as a military social class and group.

Protecting one’s self and wearing armor during the Middle Ages was a huge expense that only the rich could easily afford. The armor and weapons of these warriors continue to fascinate a lot of people in this day and age which is why these are some of the most popular medieval collectibles that enthusiasts invest in.

Renaissance and Medieval Fairs, museums, as well as weapons catalogs still continue to bring attention to the deadly and brutal weapons that were once utilized by the medieval knight. Aside from these, there are also online medieval stores that offer cool and finely-made medieval gear for sale.

These medieval collectibles for sale are excellent for weapon collectors as well as those individuals who utilize a variety of medieval gear for plays, movies, and a lot more. Listed below are some of the equipment to complete a weapon hobbyist’s medieval collectibles:

Medieval Swords

A sword is a long forged piece of metal that features an edge used for cutting and slicing. The weapon has been utilized in many civilizations all over the world but was used mainly as a tool for slicing and thrusting; occasionally, the sword was used for clubbing enemies during battles. This comes from the word sword (old English that means “to wound or to cut”.

A sword is generally made up of a hilt and blade, plus it is typically featured with a single or double edge for striking and slicing enemies; it also has a finely-made point that is adequate for thrusting.

The skills of creating these weapons have remained constant throughout history but the techniques of excellent swordsmanship vary among periods and cultures due to the differences in the blade’s design and its use.

Compared to the spear or bow, the medieval swords are purely made as military weapons, making it a symbolic piece for warfare or even a state of power in a lot of cultures in the world.

Swords can either be single or double-edged and the blades can also be arched or straight; some of the examples of the medieval swords include the Broad Swords, Arming Swords, Great Swords, Falchions, the Scimitar, and the Long Swords.

Medieval Collectibles

Some of the high-quality weapons come from the best sword manufacturers, and while the replicas of these swords exhibit a plethora of fantasy, oriental, as well as historical designs that one can choose from; perfectly creating these weapons is something that every sword maker wishes to achieve.

In this day and age, decorative and fully functional swords are some of the most popular medieval collectibles that are being sold in various online shops; the fully functional medieval swords are usually sharpened and can readily be utilized for target cutting or training while the ornamental swords are mostly used for decorative purposes.

Upon checking these online shops, a couple of these do not only sell medieval gear but they also offer a variety of sword accessories such as wall hangers, floor stands, leather accessories, and even sword plaques.

The leather accessories are usually items that can carry the sword or are mainly for keeping the medieval collectibles safe from breakages.

Medieval Armor

The medieval armor is created and designed to work against new and highly lethal weapons that were eventually introduced during history’s most violent period.

The medieval gear is not necessary for battles in this day and age yet a few individuals still continue to purchase such items to add more to their medieval collectibles.

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Numerous online medieval shops offer customers decorative and functional armor which are all categorized into five parts namely steel armor, chainmail, leather armor, plus the helmets and shields.

Steel armor consists of numerous pieces such as the leg armor, body armor, arm armor, and full sets. The steel body armor also includes cuirasses, breastplates, harnesses, and backplates that collectors can readily purchase depending on which piece they wish to add to their collection.

Medieval Clothing

For a Renaissance fair, plays, Halloween parties, movies, or for people who simply wish to collect medieval items, there are different types of Medieval and Renaissance clothing that can readily be bought online.

Difference between Real and Decorative Swords

Before purchasing any medieval collectibles, it is vital for one to know if the item bought is made of high-quality materials. For those who wish to purchase swords, here are the things that distinguish the decorative swords from the functional swords:

Real Swords are made from Carbon Steel

Real swords will always be created from carbon steel and most of the cheap weapons that are being sold online are simply made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a good material for knives but becomes extremely brittle when used to create items that are lengthier than twelve inches; so basically, this material is not suited to create functional swords no matter what other sellers claim.

Medieval Collectibles

Fully Functional Swords are Properly Heat

In this day and age, functional swords are primarily used for practice while some utilize this for safety purposes; so to ensure that these are highly efficient for such, the swords are always adequately heat treated and heat tempered to develop a blade that is perfect not too soft or too brittle.

If a seller claims that the sword is made of carbon steel but does not state how the weapon is heat-treated, there is a big chance that the sword has not been heat-treated in any way; additionally, if the weapon is not heat-treated, then it is not considered as a fully functional blade.

Real Functional Swords are Full Tang

The weakest part of most of the swords created today would be its handle, specifically the tang.

So unless the sword is known as a full tang, then it will most likely break when applying force to it. The worst thing that could happen to a sword when utilized for target cutting is the weapon becoming loose right from the handle.

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