Kunai – Japanese Daggers

Kunai is an ancient Japanese gardening tool or trowel. There are two variations of these Ninja tools and they are big and short Ninja Kunai. In the hands of an expert, these ordinary Ninja Weapons are transformed into a multi-functional weapon.

A standard Kunai is made of wrought iron because it is cheaper than steel. It is cheaply forged and unpolished. The size of a Ninja Kunai is from 20 cm to 60 cm.

An average dagger-like Ninja Tools like these are 40 cm long. Ordinary folks used this as a gardening tool. Workers used it at times on stone and masonry. This is not a knife and closely resembles a crowbar.

The blade is made of soft iron and remains unsharpened because the edges are used to smash plaster and wood. These Ninja Weapons were used to dig holes and pry. Normally, the tip is sharpened.

Ninja Kunai has a handle with a ring on the pommel so that rope can be easily attached to it. Kunai was created this way so that it would be easy for the user to grip it when he will use this as a weapon during fights or in battle.

There are times when Ninja Kunai was tied to the body and concealed since it can be used as an anchor or piton. This weapon is not like Shuriken whose primary function is for throwing. These are used for thrusting and stabbing.


Kunai as Tool

These Ninja Weapons is an ancient kind of trowel. Ninja Kunai originates from the Tensho era in Japan. Eventually, the use of Kunai evolved to suit the need for better weaponry.

Ninjas place a demand on weaponsmiths and metal workers to transform this weapon into battle-ready Kunai made from steel. These were dirtied and hung up in Ninja’s homes to disguise its real purpose.

Exaggerations were made in the fictional weapon used in Manga and Anime series. The real Ninja Weapons are short, long, narrow-bladed types, saw-toothed types, and wide-bladed types.

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There are times that it is hard to distinguish the difference between Ninja Kunai and Shikoro. Shikoro is a wide-bladed saw that has a dagger type handle. The similarity stops in the shape of the handle.

Even if using this weapon poses a higher risk to the user, it is said to mete out a satisfying kill. Kunai is primarily a defense tool. It absorbs damage allowing the user to push through chokes and escape when caught.

Weapon of Choice

Many weapons used by Ninja were adapted from farming tools. These are different from the ones used by Shaolin monks in China.

Since these are cheaply produced as farming tools and can be easily sharpened this makes it easy to convert as simple weapons. This is heavier than a Shuriken and larger as well.

The grip allows the user to use this weapon in hand to hand combat. This can be used for climbing as a grappling hook or piton. Ninjas do not have a clear distinction between tools and weapons.

Since Ninjas can make use of any kind of weapon this shows their skills in fighting. One end of this weapon is a blade and another side has a circle with a round hole.

The Ninja takes advantage of the way this tool appears. Ninjas can use this to break down fences or the castle wall. They can make holes on the wall and climb through the wall by placing their feet in these holes.

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If the wall is not too thick, Ninjas can break the wall using only this tool. Ninjas used Kunai to start a fire just like a flint. During those ancient days, there were no lighters and matches.

Suffice to say that Ninjas can slay and stab their enemies with the use of this weapon. When they fight with Samurai, Ninjas can easily use this to stab these warriors in the stomach.

There are times when Ninjas used poison on the edge of the blade to kill his enemy. These are considered as emergency tools used at the last minute when there are no other options.

Kunai will remain a truly unique weapon and tool closely identified with the Ninjas. The important thing for Ninjas and those who practice using these weapons today is to know how to use it the right way.