Kojiri – Saya Decorative Arts

Kojiri can be found on the end of the Saya that protects this Katana part. Katana Kojiri is traditionally made of buffalo horn. Sometimes this can be made of metal. Katana Kojiri is the horn part use when assembling a Saya. Generally speaking Saya are made to fit Kojiri and contrary to what others believe this does not work the other way around. This is why some Saya can be reworked to fit and other could not. However, this involves a lot of carving and shaping. This does not guarantee that this approach will work though. Sometimes trying to do so can destroy a Saya. In this case, most often than not repairs or replacements are needed to finish the Saya. The style of daisho during the Tokugawa period uses black lacquered items with horn with kashira and kojiri. The dai was flat while the sho was rounded. Outside of the castle any style is permitted.

Katana Kojiri Materials

• Silver
• Blackened Steel
• Antique silver, black or gold
• Copper with the use of ferric chloride. This will give this Katana part an antique brown look
• Patina can be used with the help of sulphur

Different Types of Kojiri

• Mam or Round. Made of lacquered black or red; which may also be covered with shark skin. This is often found on scabbard use for single sword of the Chonin, Jidai-mono, sewa-mono and wagoto. Among the types of Katana Kojiri these are not often use
• Cut- straight across. This is also known as ichimonji or Kiri cut. This is also the choice among daimyo or Samurai of almost equal rank. This is often worn with Kitsuke

Showing Respect