Knight Weapons

Knight Weapons

Knight Weapons

Warhorses, knight weapons, and armor are considered as some of the most valuable and vital items that a knight owns. This is because the three items mentioned are very costly and only the richest and wealthiest individuals are able to become knights.

Since knights have spent a lot to acquire all of these items, they hope to regain at least some of the amount they have spent, yet they do this through plunder when knights are successful in conquering the enemy’s cities and towns.

Throughout the centuries, the Knight weapons have developed and evolved dramatically since the changes were primarily due to the improvement and upgrade in metalworking and blacksmithing technologies.


The main weapons knight that has appeared and has been utilized throughout the history of knighthood are the swords; and although there are numerous knight weapons that are being used for battles, the sword is one of the most prestigious weapons that a person can master and wield.

Similar to the other knight weapons, the sword has also developed dramatically throughout the centuries, simultaneously with the change in technology.

The very first sword that was made two thousand years ago was created out of bronze. These were short and mainly utilized for stabbing. During the Iron Age in the thirteenth century, the production of sword making changed: swords became longer and stronger which was adequate for battles.

These knight weapons also became efficient for stabbing and slicing; plus, the weapons could also be made at a very reasonable cost which is why a lot of warriors and knights during the period were able to equip these.

Right after the thirteenth century, the creation of armor has also developed and improved in its purpose to protect the wearer; with that, the sword was also further developed to easily thwart any form of defenses against the improved armor.

Some improvements that were made on the knight weapons included a much longer handle which allowed the wielder to grip the sword with two hands. There were also different types of specialized knight weapons that allowed the wielder to easily thrust and cut an enemy despite them wearing protective armor.

However, there was an extremely vital development during the modern era and this was the creation of the basket to protect the hand of the sword wielder. The basket first appeared on swords such as the Rapier since it was a sword that was light, quick, and strong.

As the technology in weapon-making continued to advance, the sword eventually transitioned into a more gentlemanly and decorative tool that is mostly utilized for personal protection; at some point when more side-arms were created and were readily available for individuals to acquire, the sword eventually fell out of popularity and from common use.

Knight Weapons

Other Knight Weapons

A medieval knight had numerous weapons to utilize wherein the mastery of these knight weapons were considered extremely vital for any soldier in training.

Although the sword is considered to be the knight’s main weapon, he is also proficient when it comes to wielding other cool knight weapons.

Listed below are some of the other knight weapons that have been utilized during the middle ages:


Aside from the sword, the lance is also one of the standard weapons utilized by a knight. These were commonly made from wood with metallic tips but as time passed, the lances developed in appearance and became more stout then started to include specialized metallic tips and handguards.


A mace is a blunt weapon that features a heavy head at the end of its grip; it is a necessary characteristic since it will allow the wielder to give off powerful blows during attacks.

Typically, the mace is made up of heavy and strong metal or wooden shaft, usually supported with metal together with a head made out of copper, stone, iron, bronze, or steel. The head portion of this type of weapon can be formed with knobs or flanges that allow the wielder to penetrate plate armor.

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The flail is known to be a very effective tool utilized for battles but is not a favorite among knights. Its effectiveness against opponents was highly notable since the flail could be swung with adequate power; plus, its chain and ball could be used to wrap around an enemy’s shield to find its target.

Furthermore, swinging the flail could easily give out extreme force compared to that of the mace.

War Hammer

This is one of the late medieval war weapons made specifically for close-range battles and features an appearance very much like the ice axe.

War hammers are primarily made of a head and handle that usually varies depending on the wielder’s preference: the longest handle may appear as long as a halberd while the shortest one may just be as short as a mace.


These were highly vital tools of war and the medieval dagger was not only utilized for this sole reason; it was also excellent for simple tasks such as slicing meat, cutting wood, cooking, creating arrows, as well as other important tasks of daily life.

Additionally, the dagger could also be utilized by commoners when during the thick of battles.

Knight Weapons

Knight Weapons for Sale

Whenever people hear of kings, barbarians, as well as the Knights of the Round Table, it brings everyone back to history during the medieval times.

It was one of the most interesting yet deadly moments in time which is why numerous people have reenacted the scenes from the past using some of the cool knight weapons that are known today.

Additionally, Renaissance and Medieval Fairs, weapon catalogs, as well as museums simultaneously draw the attention of most people to the brutal history of these knight weapons; and this is almost certain to weapon enthusiasts and collectors who have a deep fondness for such equipment.

There are numerous online weapon shops that offer knight weapons for sale and one can select their preferred weapons from the shop’s list of available items.

There are two kinds of knight weapons for sale and these are the fully functional weapons and the decorative pieces, but before actually purchasing a weapon of choice, make sure that the materials used to create the piece are all genuine and of high-quality to ensure the durability and longevity of the weapon.

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