Knight Swords

Knight Swords

Knight Swords

The Medieval swords were known as some of the best knight weapons utilized during the Middle Ages and these were primarily carried by the Medieval Knights for battles.

The armor, horses, and even the weapons of these knights were known to be extremely costly which is why not all individuals during that period were able to purchase such equipment for battle.

Since these were the primary weapons of warriors due to its excellent power, the medieval knight swords evolved and improved together with the warring tactics and armor that were vital to achieve victory.

Right at the beginning of the Middle Ages, double-edged blades were utilized but as time passed, the weapon evolved into a much stronger blade that featured a diamond shape; this could easily thrust right through the rings of a warrior’s chain mail.

There were various styles and types of medieval swords that were available and these made up the rich history of medieval blades; the different types of knight blades included the Broadsword, Arming Sword, Longsword, Falchion, Greatsword, as well as the Scimitar.

Although there were other types of weapons that each warrior could utilize, the knight swords and its wielder were undeniably inseparable; though a knight may utilize other weapons for battle, the arming sword is the knight’s weapon for life.

Often, these arming swords were the most common weapons to be handed down from one generation to another, and basically, it is highly possible that one knight sword would be utilized by an entire family.

Because of this, the swords were considered to be more than just weapons and became great symbols of strength and valor for those warriors who carried them.

Arming Swords

Arming swords were mostly utilized with a buckler or shield and these were considered as the standard knight sword of the military. This was the case until technological advances and changes occurred that led to the development of the longsword during the late thirteenth century.

There are numerous texts and records that depict the effectiveness of the arming swords during combat and these were instances when a shield was not being utilized for protection.

The most common European swords of the Middle Ages featured straight blades with double cutting edges plus a single-handed hilt; as for its length, it would measure around seventy to eighty centimeters.

This type of weapon usually appears in period art which has been thoroughly preserved for each generation to see. The arming swords were utilized in warfare but were more commonly used as backup tools for much larger weapons such as lances and battle swords.

Knight Swords

When a knight ended up getting disarmed or lost their weapons while fighting, they could easily draw their arming swords despite engaging in battle. Additionally, the sword was also commonly utilized as a weapon for one-on-one combat as well as in smaller-scale battles.

Overall, the Arming sword is known as a versatile, durable, and light weapon that is capable of slicing and thrusting during the battle; this is because of the excellent balance that it provides the wielder when handling the sword.

There are numerous varieties and designs that can be categorized under the arming sword but these are mostly known as the double-edged and single-handed swords.

History of the Knight Swords

The knight sword was created during the eleventh century and this was based on the Viking-age swords, but those that have transitioned to more developed swords were also known as the Norman swords.

Yet even before the eleventh century, there were already some of the elegant and finest Viking swords that have been created for the rich; these swords exhibited a geometric appearance where the blades were sleek and slender while the center of its mass was transferred closer to the weapon’s hilt for adequate wielding.

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Single-handed swords of the high medieval era were commonly utilized with a buckler or shield, yet when the late medieval period arrived, the longsword became the most predominant weapon yet the single-handed sword was retained as one of the most common sidearms for individuals who went into battle.

As time passed, people from the Renaissance period preferred the thrust and cut swords for fighting off opponents, and when the end of the medieval era came, the arming weapons such as the Estoc were developed into the Espada Ropera of the Spaniards or the Spada da Lato of the Italians.

Other types of swords were also developed such as the one-handed swords that were utilized by the Dalmatian bodyguards during the sixteenth century in Venice.

This type of weapon had influenced the advancement of the basket-hilted sword which has eventually developed into what is known as the modern cavalry sword of the Napoleonic period.

Training Using the Knight Swords

Everyone who wielded the knight swords required a lot of skill as well as a full understanding of the strategies provided for the Medieval Warfare; these were not only necessary but also played a vital part in the lives of warriors during the Medieval period.

Knight Swords

It is said that that the training to perfect the way one should wield the knight’s sword can be extremely time-consuming, and there are specific areas assigned for training which is called the Pell.

While wielding the knight swords, the Pell training would allow all the warriors to practice a variety of vicious maneuvers and strokes such as thrusting, slicing, and cutting without injuring their opponent.

Knight Swords for Sale

A lot of swords or weapons enthusiasts have at least one beautifully-made knight sword in their collection of medieval equipment. These knight swords can be utilized for a variety of display or decorative purposes, plus these can also be greatly utilized for battle re-enactments in stage plays and such.

With the numerous knight sword collections available in numerous weapon shops, one can definitely find the perfect sword that suits the tastes and requisites of the collector; all of these knight swords for sale are perfectly and beautifully-crafted to achieve the appearance of the authentic knight swords of the past.

However, one should ensure that the shop they are purchasing from is legitimate and provides finely-created weapons that are made from high-quality and durable materials.

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