Knight Spear

Knight Spear

Knight Spear

The spear is known as a pole weapon that is made of a wooden shaft that featured a sharpened head. The head can sometimes be the shaft’s sharpened ends or it can be made from another type of material that is fastened to the shaft; the other materials that can be used include the obsidian, bronze, or iron.

Also, the most usual design of the knight spear featured a metallic spearhead that is shaped either like a leaf or triangle. This weapon has been utilized throughout history as a fishing and hunting tool, and also a highly effective weapon.

Together with the knife, axe, and club, the knight spear is also known as one of the earliest and most vital tools that have been created by humans during that time.

As a weapon, the knight spear may be carried with one or two hands and it was virtually utilized in almost every battle up until the modern period.

Moreover, the spear was also considered to be one of the most vital tools utilized for warfare in medieval Europe since it could be utilized in a variety of ways; plus, the spear could also be used for thrusting, throwing, piercing, cutting, as well as slashing an opponent, and if necessary, the spear can be useful for tripping horses.

Yet after the collapse of the Roman Empire, the spear and shield were continuously utilized by almost every Western European culture. Since the knight spear did not require too much steel along its sharpened edges, it was also considered as one of the most economical weapons to create during that time.

Aside from this, it was also easy to manufacture the spear since it did not require too many weapon-making skills unlike with the sword; because of this, the spear remained as the primary weapon of a regular soldier.

The Knight Spears

Spears, specifically the thrusting spears, were either fashioned to be held in one’s hand, or to be thrown right at the enemy; and due to its simple categorization, the knight spears had a remarkable selection of types. The thrusting spears also featured a great advantage when it came to its reach since this was much longer compared to other types of medieval weapons.

However, the exact length of the knight spear could be quite difficult to deduce since a variation of spear shafts that have survived history had varying lengths; although this is the case, the most common length would most likely be around six to eight feet in total.

Some nations were highly famous for their long knight spears and these included the Flemish and the Scotts; additionally, these were utilized for tight-ordered battle formations such as the schiltron or the shield wall, and to successfully resist the enemy’s cavalrymen, the knight spears could be readily planted right to the ground.

Yet as the Middle Ages passed, these throwing spears became rare but still continued to survive and be utilized in the hands of the Catalan Almogavars; also, these were commonly wielded in Ireland until the sixteenth century’s end.

Knight Spear

The Different Knight Spears

The versatility and efficiency made knight spears one of the main weapons utilized by cavalry and infantrymen during the medieval period; it was also during this time where numerous varieties of spears appeared.

Here are the different types of knight spears utilized for battle:


This is a type of medieval spear that was greatly utilized during the late medieval era in certain regions located in Central Europe. The ahlspiess usually featured a spike that measured about thirty-nine inches while being fixed to a wooden shaft that had a total length of about six to five feet.

When the shaft was attached to the weapon’s spike, there usually was a protruding circular metallic piece stationed to safeguard the wielder’s hand. This weapon was commonly utilized in Austria, Germany, as well as other European areas during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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Boar Spear

This knight spear was a heavy and short piece that originally developed and improved to hunt boars. The blade of this kind of spear usually featured two little wings which actually prevented the weapon from piercing too deep into the enemy’s body, making it difficult to retrieve the spear.

Although this tool was specifically intended for hunting, the knight spear was also utilized for warfare during the early medieval period since there were low chances of it getting entangled with the enemy’s armor, shields, or even the victim’s bodies.

Ox Tongue Spear

The Ox tongue spear has been utilized during the late medieval era in Europe; it was mostly used during the fifteenth century and came with a double-edged, broad-headed blade.

The spear was said to be quite heavy and was not really easy to wield but was constantly used during skirmishes in battles and did not put to any serious battles.


A spectum was a unique type of knight spear that was utilized in medieval Europe. The base of this spear was a pole that had a length of about six to eight feet while at the pole’s head, a sharpened spearhead was fixed and it measured about twelve to fourteen inches in total.

Knight Spear

How the Knight Spear was Used

Although the knight spears are primarily utilized for thrusting with one or two hands, it can also be used as melee or ballistic weapons.

Thrusting spears are usually heavier compared to throwing spears, and these are also made in a sturdier fashion; throwing spears often called the javelins are much lighter and feature a sleeker head.

Knight Spear for Sale

Due to the medieval period’s long and rich history, numerous weapon shops that are present today offer a wide array of medieval pieces including the knight spear. The spears were known to be highly favored medieval weapons since these were cheap and easy to create while also being effective tools for numerous tasks.

One can opt for a fully functional knight spear for sale that is excellent for target practice, or a battle-ready piece that can be utilized for mock battles and re-enactments; also, there are finely decorated pieces that are great additions to one’s growing collection of medieval pieces that are very attractive and eye-catching for displays.

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