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The role of every medieval knight was vital during Europe’s medieval period; they were important additions to the feudal system and were highly needed to serve and actively participate in wars as well as overseas missions.

The lives of these individuals were indeed very active and they were required to learn how to utilize a variety of weapons to achieve victory in battles. Some of the most commonly utilized medieval weapons included lances, daggers, maces, flails, swords, and a lot more.

Items in a Knight Store

When it comes to the shields, weapons, and armor of these knights, there are a plethora of ever-changing and developing pieces to choose from; and because of this, a lot of people today still hold a certain degree of fascination and interest when it comes to the knight weapons.

Renaissance and Medieval fairs, weapon catalogs, and also museums still continue to catch the attention of people with these deadly and brutal weapons that the medieval warriors once utilized in battle.

This is one of the main reasons why people check out and visit a knight shop to see numerous replicas of these fine pieces of equipment, as well as to purchase collectibles such as knight swords for sale.

Listed below are some of the various things that you can purchase from a knight shop:

Knight Sword

The sword was one of the most favored weapons of choice among all of the medieval knight weapons; it was a standard battle tool long before the medieval knight has even evolved.

This specific weapon was also vital in a knight’s life since it was also utilized during his knighthood commemoration this meant that the knight’s sword had a status that was greatly equal to his honor.

The knight sword could either be a short sword, broadsword, longsword, falchion, rapier and more; nevertheless, this weapon was highly effective and efficient for a knight who utilized it on the battlefield.

Medieval swords were commonly made from mild steel or low carbon steel, and just like most swords that were available, it featured a double-edge, pommel, crossguard, and hilt.

When checking out a knight store, one can find a wide selection of knight swords for sale such as simple wall hangers or decorative swords, re-enactment swords, as well as fully functional swords that can be utilized for target practice; there are also hand-forged swords that are excellent for displays in a museum and for those discerning collectors.

Furthermore, these pieces are usually featured with blunt or sharp blades and most of these come complete with finely-made leather scabbards.

Knight Shop

Knight Armor

During the Middle Ages, all the knights utilized heavy armor that was primarily made of metal. There were two main types of knight armor and these were the plate armor and the chain mail.

The chain mail is created out of thousands of metallic rings and a typical chain mail featured the hauberk which is a long cloak. The knight armor is also among the items one can purchase from a knight store, adding it to hobbyists growing collection of medieval pieces.

This is also suitable for historical re-enactments or for decorative purposes. The suits of armor that are available in weapon shops are all modeled after the original plate armor that was commonly utilized during the late Middle Ages.

These suits of armor are made from high-quality materials that do not only provide an authentic appearance, but also a great level of protection when utilized for practice or re-enactment purposes.

Depending on the knight shop, one can also purchase full armor sets or if only a few parts are needed, these are also available as necessary.

There are some shops or sellers offering separate body armor, arm armor pieces, leg armor, and a whole lot more but every knight shop offers a wide selection of choices when it comes to the knight armor.

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Other Knight Weapons

Aside from swords, there are also other interesting weapons and equipment that can be purchased at a knight shop; there are interesting knight collectibles, different types of medieval pieces that have been utilized throughout history such as maces and clubs that were excellent against the plate armor.

Daggers are also present and these were used in the past for stabbing and thrusting during close-combat situations; there are also wide selections of axes that were once used for chopping, cleaving, as well as crushing enemy weapons.

There are spears in these weapon shops too since these pieces were highly popular during the medieval era; this is because the spears were easy and cheap to develop while also being very efficient for battles.

Knight Shields

Aside from swords and armor, one can also purchase the knight shield at a knight shop; and since shields have greatly evolved throughout history, a lot of people have also grown fond of the excellence, durability, as well as efficiency of these pieces. Also, one of the most vital characteristics of a knight shield is its order, family, or crest of his lord.

Knight Shop

The main purpose of a medieval knight shield was to defend and protect the wielder during the battle, but this could also be utilized for defensive purposes in duels or tournaments.

Aside from being great pieces for defense, the knight shield was also a great item that can be utilized for decorative purposes.

The medieval knight shields featured a variety of styles and designs that have evolved throughout history, and since these continued to change, a lot of online weapon stores offer these to add to one’s collection.

These pieces came in a variety of shapes and sizes which have continued to develop over the centuries, yet the designs of these shields were created in consideration of the knight’s status. In the past, medieval knights utilized different kinds of shields which were different from the shields utilized by the general soldiers.

For those who are planning to purchase any medieval weapon or equipment from a knight shop, one should first do a quick research on the shop or seller to see if they are legitimate and if they use high-quality materials to create their weapons.

This is to ensure that their pieces are durable and safe, especially when these pieces are utilized for re-enactment purposes.

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