Knight Longsword

Knight Longsword

Knight Longsword

Giving off a direct and powerful attack on the enemy can be achieved by utilizing one of the most excellent medieval weapons that have been developed, and this is the longsword. The knight longsword is a kind of European weapon that was utilized during the years 1350 – 1550 of the late medieval era.

This knight longsword is described as a large medieval weapon which is why a knight needed a considerable amount of strength to wield this during the battle; to be able to properly control the knight longsword, the knight needed to have both hands at the weapon’s hilt to easily and readily execute various attacks.

Characteristics of the Knight Longsword

Longswords feature extended cruciform hilts that have handles that measure over ten to fifteen inches providing enough room to accommodate both hands; it also featured double-edged straight blades that had a length of over forty to forty-eight inches and the longsword weighed between 1.2 & 2.4 kilograms in total.

The knight longsword featured double-edged and straight blades that were made to be more durable and robust enough to combat the numerous improvements and developments in the technology of armor.

The hilt’s cross-sections were greatly strengthened and the longsword’s blades were improved and made more pointed to easily counter the numerous improvements advancements in various military armor.

The construction of the longsword’s blade is thin but has adequate strength that is provided by its excellent geometry; yet as time passed, the blades of the knight longsword became slightly longer, less wide, more pointed, and much thicker along its cross-section.

The change in the weapon’s design was largely associated with the utilization of the plate armor for defense which worked to prevent a sword from cutting or breaking through the protective gear.

So instead of cutting techniques, the longswords were mainly utilized for thrusting towards the enemy’s plate armor, which is why the longsword required a rigid blade and an acute point.

Although this is its primary use, the cutting abilities of the knight longsword were never removed but were replaced in importance by its thrusting power.

The Knight Longsword’s Blade

The longsword’s blades differ in its cross-section, its width, and also its length; plus, the cross-sections most basic design includes the diamond and lenticular.

Those that are lenticular blades appear like thin, double convex lenses that offer just the right thickness for adequate strength at the longsword’s center.

Knight Longsword

When it comes to the diamond-shaped blade, it slopes up from its edges without having any of the curved characteristics of the lenticular blade; it also has a central ridge called the riser which is the thickest part of the blade that supplies ample levels of rigidity to the longsword.

The basic design and fashion of these types of weapons are supported by extra forging methods that make use of different cross-section variations; the most familiar variety is the utilization of hollow ground blades and fullers which actually differ in thickness and in number.

The length of these fullers also has a few variations some of the cutting blades have fullers that almost run on the weapon’s entire length while on others, the fuller ends on one-third or halfway down the weapon’s blade.

There are still various types of hilts that exist for the longswords with the style of the quillion (crossguard) and pommel changing to fully accommodate the varying blade properties.

Uses of the Knight Longsword

The knight longsword is usually carried with both hands though there are some knight longswords that may be utilized with just one hand.

This weapon is also called the hand and a half since these could be a single or double-handed sword; the longswords are specifically utilized for slicing, hewing, and stabbing through specific uses of this tool are derived from its physical appearance.

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All parts of the battle-ready longsword are utilized for offensive purposes and include the crossguard and its pommel.

During the fourteenth century, the knight longsword had a much longer blade and grip which made it highly popular among knights; it remained a popular tool used in battle from the years 1250 to 1550.

It was indeed a very powerful, efficient, and versatile weapon yet for close-range battles, the knight longsword was hailed for its versatility and also for its killing capabilities

How the Knight Longsword was Used in Combat

Battling with the longsword was not too crude or barbaric as it was usually depicted; this was because codified fighting styles existed while different teachers and styles also provided a slightly distinct take on the art.

The knight longsword is known as a quick, efficient, and very versatile tool that allows the wielder to execute a variety of deadly cuts, thrusts, and slices.

The weapon is commonly utilized with both hands along the hilt yet there are instances when the weapon may be wielded with just a single hand.

Another variation of wielding the sword was half-swording a way of wielding the weapon with both hands; one on its hilt while the other was set on the blade to provide better control of the longsword when jabbing and thrusting.

Knight Longsword

Its versatility and strength were unique since its multiple styles supported the foundations for learning how to use other types of weapons such as the polearms, spears, and staves.

The utilization of the longsword for attacking was definitely not restricted to using the blade since the pommel and cross could also work as a tool for offensive attacks. The cross is also known to be effective for tripping or knocking an enemy off balance.

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