Knight Helmets

Knight Helmets

Knight Helmets

Knight Helmets are one of the most known artifacts that have been utilized for battle in the middle ages. The equipment has never fallen out of use but these greatly evolved and developed for military use, as well as for other activities in life where the users may be faced with different head injuries.

These activities include motorcycle or horseback riding, martial arts, building and constructing sites, and a lot more. The Middle Ages ran throughout history for a long span of time, and this was enough for the knight helmets to go through radical changes and developments.

Just like the body armor of a medieval knight, the knight helmet also evolved and improved as battle tactics, strategies, technology, and the role of the knight in society has also changed.

Development of the Knight Helmets

One of the earliest medieval knight helmets is the Norman helmet of the tenth and eleventh centuries. These featured a cone-like top, as well as a nasal bar that works to protect the wearer’s nose.

During the late twelfth century, knight helmets developed and featured characteristics that could conceal the whole face yet air holes were present to allow the knight to breathe somewhat comfortably, while the eye slits provided limited but a much safer field of vision.

During that same period, another excellent knight helmet was created and it was called the Sugarloaf helm. This specific type of knight helmet featured a cone-like top that works to deflect blows much easier.

Yet despite the additional protection, one of the main drawbacks of these helmets was the visibility and ventilation, so weapon smiths during that period started developing helmets that featured visors that could be lifted.

Around the early fourteenth century, the richest knights had the choice of utilizing a knight helmet that featured a movable visor. This allowed the knight to maintain a good field of vision, as well as increased oxygen intake upon usage.

Before these knights went off into battle, they could close the visor for extensive facial protection from sudden attacks and blows coming from the enemy.

By the late Middle Ages, these knight helmets appeared to have characteristics that combined the usefulness of battle utilities and finely-made works of art.

However, by the end of the middle ages which was about the end of the fifteenth and the early sixteenth centuries, these helmets changed in appearance and became pieces that were specifically for ceremonial purposes this is to exhibit the new role of knights in society.

Knight Helmets

Various Types of Knight Helmets

There are different types of knight helmets that have been utilized by warriors during the medieval period; here are the most common and popular pieces that were worn before heading out to battle.

Great Helm

The great helm appeared in the late twelfth century and was continuously utilized until the fourteenth century. These helmets were used by the heavy infantry and also the knights from most of the European armies that fought between the years 1220 to 1540 AD.

When it comes to this knight helmet’s simple form, it appeared with a steel flat-topped cylinder that works to fully conceal the wearer’s head; the helmet only had very little openings for the mouth and eyes which could be quite difficult when it comes to breathing and seeing.

As time passed, the design and style of the Great Helm further developed and it appeared with a more curved design, specifically on the top portion of the knight helmet to readily deflect or decrease the impact of blows and attacks of the enemies.

The Great Helm was one of the pieces of armor that provided excellent protection, yet due to the lack of vision and oxygen that it provided the wearer, it was also a difficult piece to utilize especially during battles.

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The earliest forms of the bascinet appeared right at the beginning of the fourteenth century; these were featured without any visors and were utilized beneath a much larger great helm when heading out for battle.

After the initial moments of battles, the great helm was commonly discarded while engaging in fierce one on one combat due to the fact that the great helm prevented the soldier from seeing and breathing properly. This knight helmet also featured little holes around its bottom edge which functioned as spaces to sew padded liners within the helmet.

Close Helm

The close helm was one of the military knight helmets that were utilized by numerous combatants during the late medieval and early Renaissance periods.

The helmet featured a visor that could revolve and fully enclose the neck, as well as the head area, unlike the previous knight helmets that sometimes left vital spots exposed. This knight helmet was also closely similar to the armet but differs greatly when it comes to how the helmet is opened.

Knight Helmets

Knight Helmets for Sale

Medieval knight helmets are known to be some of the most effective, varied, and popular pieces of armor throughout history since these come in a variety of styles and designs that offer unique and interesting levels of protection depending on the needs and requisites of the soldier using this.

For those who are looking for helmets for re-enactments, for training, or to simply add to ones growing collection of medieval pieces, there are numerous helmets available in various online weaponry stores.

There are knight helmets for sale, as well as other lines of medieval weaponry and equipment that range all the way back to the earliest periods of warfare.

The knight helmets for sale come in different styles and designs but these mainly focus on the helmets that were greatly favored by the infantry soldiers, knights, and even the cavalry who needed extensive protection during battles.

Each one of the knight helmets is made out of high-quality materials which make it a perfect piece for practice or re-enactments.

Aside from this, knight helmets can also be included in ones growing collection of medieval weapons and gear yet before purchasing any item, be sure that the online shop or seller is legitimate, and that they sell finely made knight helmets, armor, and weapons that are made from good materials to ensure one’s safety, as well as the longevity of the item.

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