Knight Broadsword

Knight Broadsword

Knight Broadsword

The primary reason and physics of swordsmanship have remained the same throughout history, but its style and techniques differ from every culture and period. This is a result of the varying design and style of the blade.

Compared to the spear, the different kinds of the bow, or any other type of weapon, the knight sword is made primarily as a military weapon, and because of this, the sword has become a symbol of warfare or the state power in numerous cultures.

The various names that were given to different knight swords in mythology, history, and literature, simply reflect the high prestige and status of the weapon.

The broadsword was considered to be among the earliest knight blades that have appeared in the sixth century. The knight broadsword featured a double-edged blade that had a measurement of around 2 – 3 inches wide, with a base that was tapered to a point. The length of this knight broadsword ranged from around 30 – 45 inches.

History of the Knight Broadsword

The knight broadsword was specifically utilized from the early medieval period which was around the sixth until the sixteenth century. These medieval knight weapons kept their original design and style that featured a double-edged blade that was specifically made for slashing and cutting enemies throughout the period.

Eventually, special editions of the broadsword were then developed right after the fourteenth century, the first one introduced as the knight claymore sword; it was followed by the basket-hilted sword, then lastly was the sabre sword which was created right after the nineteenth century of the medieval era.

Dimensions of a Common Broadsword

The broadsword is known to have a double-edged blade that has a width of about two to three inches at the base that eventually tapers right to a point.

Depending on the wielder’s needs and requisites, the length of the sword could range from thirty to forty-five inches in length and has an average weight of three to five pounds.

The primary purpose of the knight broadsword was to slash and cut an enemy soldier; the soldiers and knights wielding the broadsword were thoroughly trained to use the sword, and upon learning, they were able to easily slice off limbs and heads of the enemies with just a single swipe.

Knight Broadsword

Variations of the Knight Broadsword

The word broadsword was not really used in history to characterize just a single type of sword; it was mainly a description of a collection of swords that allowed historians to place a set of swords featuring similar characteristics, thus being categorized as part of the broadswords.

In this collection of medieval knight weapons, the claymore, sabre, and basket-hilted swords were also categorized as the broadsword weapons.


A claymore refers to either the Scottish alternative of the late medieval double-handed sword or the Scottish basket-hilted sword.

The former is described as a weapon that features a cross hilt of sloping quillons together with quatrefoil terminations; the claymore was utilized from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries.

The average length of a claymore measured around a hundred forty centimeters while its grip measured at thirty-three centimeters; the blade measured specifically at a hundred and seven centimeters and it had a total weight of five and a half pounds.

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The claymore was said to be a highly effective piece and it is also one of the most feared weapons in the past due to its size and swiftness when utilized in battle.

The claymore was also said to be a very swift and effective weapon compared to other double-handed swords, plus it also features a Ricasso that lets the wielder utilize it as a half sword.

Basket-hilted Sword

This category of the knight broadsword is a kind of weapon that is described as having a basket-shaped guard; this is used to protect the wielder’s hand while fighting on the battlefield.

The word was created during the sixteenth century and began rising in popularity in the seventeenth century; the basket-hilted sword remained a popular piece throughout the eighteenth century and was specifically utilized by heavy cavalry.

In the modern period, this category of the knight sword was also called the knight broadsword, it was also mostly utilized as a military sword which contrasted the use of the rapier.

Although there are some differences between these two weapons, each had some specific use for both civilian and military contexts.

Knight Broadsword


The sabre is a specific type of backsword that features an arched blade; it is associated with the Early Modern and Napoleonic light cavalry and was greatly utilized during these periods.

These types of swords were mostly utilized during the Napoleonic period, specifically by the British infantry, cavalry, and other officers present.

The popularity of this type of broadsword had quickly spread throughout the European areas during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; the saber eventually became the most preferred military weapon by the British army and this occurred during the eighteenth century.

Although this was the case, there were some, such as the heavy cavalry units, who still continued to utilize the straight blades.

Knight Broadsword Training

It was necessary for soldiers during the medieval period to fully understand the Medieval Warfare’s strategies, as well as the proper use of Medieval weapons.

Knight Broadsword

Due to this, every knight was required to train in utilizing the knight broadsword yet this task was definitely challenging and time-consuming.

At the age of seven to fourteen, a knight was first trained as a Page; later on, they were trained from the age of fourteen to twenty-one as a Squire.

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