Knight Axes

Knight Axes

Knight Axes

Gunpowder was barely utilized until the late Middle Ages since the weapons of war mostly consisted of spears, Axes, and swords that were assisted by bows and arrows.

Aside from these, the battle-axes were also used to cause a lot of destruction which is why the knight axe was specifically designed for battles. The knight axes usually weighed a little bit over 0.5 kilograms to three kilograms and it also had a length of over thirty centimeters.

Throughout the history of humans, regular objects as well as tools have been formed and utilized also as weapons, and axes are no exceptions.

These tools were not only design specifically for combat since there were numerous knight axes that also functioned as tools; moreover, knight axes could also be altered into deadly and dangerous projectiles that can be utilized by throwing these towards the enemy.

These weapons were also said to be cheaper compared to swords and were also more available, unlike other weapons.

Uses of the Knight Axe

The knight axe was primarily utilized as a slicing weapon and was capable of chopping off the enemy’s limbs with a single stroke. The knight axes generally weighed less compared to the splitting axes since these were designed and fashioned to cut off the arms and legs instead of wood.

This design of the knight axe allows for a deeper and more devastating wound; also, a more lightweight weapon is easier to draw during battles and it is also better for manipulating consecutive strikes against an enemy.

Most of these knight axes that were utilized during the medieval period featured broadheads that were socketed, enabling the shaft and axe head to fit perfectly together compared to the battle axes utilized by the Vikings.

Types of Knight Axes

These knight axes were fashioned in two different ways: as single and double-handed knight axes. These weapons had lower precision compared to a sword but were cheap, easy to create, and required only a limited amount of skill to wield; additionally, the knight axes were also wielded by the English foot soldiers.

There were also smaller single-handed axes that could be utilized as a club or in some cases, may be thrown at the enemy. As for the larger knight axe, it was commonly wielded with both of the knight’s hands.

Knight Axes

When speaking of the materials used to make the knight axe, these included steel, iron, wooden handles, and occasionally, bronze.

The blacksmiths who created these weapons were usually connected with making weapons and tools in the village smithy; however, these individuals were also a vital part of an army since they created new weapons and repaired or maintained the current ones that the knights utilized.

History of the Knight Axe

The double-bladed knight axes were widespread in the eastern Mediterranean Basin during the Iron Age. Other types of axes, just like the narrow axe heads, were created by the artisans from the Middle East then followed by those artisans in Europe during the Copper and Bronze Age.

In ancient China and ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom, the bronze battle-axe heads were utilized as infantry weapons and were occasionally utilized as symbols of status and authority; the use of these weapons has also been recorded among the Roman armies and ancient Greece.

These medieval knight axes were also widespread during the Viking era in Europe. These were also claimed to have been utilized throughout the middle ages even until the end of the sixteenth century when the utilization of gunpowder was greatly utilized as a primary tactic for the military.

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Yet in the late 1940s, Prince Rupert was seen wielding a battle axe and during the nineteenth century, the pioneering corps of Napoleon also carried axes that were utilized specifically for clearing vegetation.

Knight Axe Training

The knight axe was one of the weapons utilized during the Middle Ages by feudal armies; all males in their middle ages were required to have knowledge in fighting as well as wielding the weapon.

It was necessary for them to know such things to be available when called on to help fight for the king; the lives of these men were structured and arranged to have adequate military training incorporated into their everyday lives.

During the Medieval period, it was highly necessary to have expertise and knowledge on how to utilize weapons like the knight axe; plus, it was also vital to have the right amount of understanding of the tactics and warfare of the Middle Ages.

Training to use the knight axe was challenging and this included practicing new techniques and moves, defense, accuracy in wielding the weapon, as well as successfully managing battles which included close-range fights while using the weapon.

Moreover, the training methods and techniques that were practiced were all based on accuracy and strength when it comes to giving off blows to a specific target. Hits were scored by executing light contact on a specific target spot.

Knight Axes

Knight Axe for Sale

Nothing gives off deadly blows quite like an axe, and that is mainly the reason why the knight axes remained as one of the most popular weapons of a warrior.

There are various online weapon shops where one can find a large selection of knight axes for sale that range from decorative pieces to fully functional battle axes.

These weapons were simple and easy to create which is why numerous shops are able to offer different types of knight axes for re-enactors or serious collectors.

In the past, these axes were made of durable materials that made these axes excellent for smashing the enemy’s armor, as well as cleaving through the bones and flesh of an opponent; but since these weapons are not utilized for battle in this day and age, these are still made of high-quality materials but are mainly utilized for re-enacting historical scenes for movies or plays.

Also, these are also utilized for decorative purposes, as well as a great addition to a hobbyist’s growing collection of medieval pieces.

However, one should take the time to do a little research on the seller or online shop that sells these types of weapons, ensuring that they offer items that are safe, durable, and made from high-quality materials.

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