Kashira – Japanese Sword Pommel

The simplest description for Kashira, would be a butt cap or a pommel found on the end of the Tsuka. Fuchi and Kashira are important parts of the Katana. both are functional and vital for the handle of the sword.

Fuchi and Kashira can be found on the traditional Daisho set of a Wakizashi and Katana. The Samurai swords have Kashira. that varies in designs, some have herons and reeds while others have Chinese court hats, horses, warriors, animals and a lot more.

Simply put, there are so many ways to design and style the Kashira and our shop offers a wide selection with hidden treats. some designs are so marvelous and seemingly perched on the pommel.

Premium detailed designs of Katana Kashira; usually gets better patronage from sword collectors not just in Japan but, from around the world.

These parts add beauty to the sword. Some owners prefer the pristine iron look that is both functional and durable for each of the blade parts of the Katana.


Different Kinds of Katana Kashira

Amongst the wide variation available, our app feature some of the following models, and a lot more:

  • Amikago – Looks similar to a woven basket motif
  • Higokago – Has carved bamboo type weave
  • Nami – Captures the appearance of waves
  • Souryu – Has spiritual tradition where the theme centers on praying monks
  • Iron Kashira Kojiri – Has a large or small measurement
  • Botan – Has peonies ( flower pattern)
  • Ume – Plum blossom
  • Tonbo – Dragonfly
  • Ajiro – Wave pattern
  • Aranami – Wave pattern

Buying Tips

Here are some tips before ordering a sword. The same principle applies to sword restoration, upgrades, and repairs. Prospective buyers of Katana Kashira must check the sword not just on the aesthetic value alone but, its functionality.

Doing so will reveal the parts that come in great detail. we offer great craftsmanship on the part of the sword maker and the quality of the parts is according to your budget, more expensive fittings mean better quality.

We offer a wide range of parts and materials, which ensure that your Katana sword will be unique and special. You can use our 3d model tools in the app to replace parts and see how your sword will look before ordering.

We offer metal alloy, brass or high quality copper materials and a lot of special designs, Our Great artisans work in merging the form and create functional and beautiful sword parts for the modern-day warrior.

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