Kakute – Poison Spike Ring

Kakute are rings made of steel or iron. Ninja Kakute is worn by the Ninjas but, was favored by the Kunoichi or female Ninja. sometimes these Ninja Tools are dipped in poison.

These Ninja Weapons are worn on the middle fingers. The spikes are hidden inside the hand. The enemies will be surprised when they are attacked using this weapon. Ninja Kakute is also excellent when holding onto an opponent.

The Ninja can simply strike his enemy’s face using the metal ring. He can use this to choke and sometimes climb a wall as well. Some versions it has a tab with a hole.

These are used for Hojojutsu. It was not easy to pull the Hojo or rope from the hands of a Ninja since it was tied to the ring on the finger.

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Ninja Kakute- Form of Defense

Imagine this, shaking somebody’s hands and feeling a sting that causes little pain. Then the poison from the sting takes an effect and the enemy is killed because of this seemingly innocent action.

Kakute is a Ninja weapon that has a few horns around the surface. Ninjas dislike close combat however, there are times when they stand in short distance from their enemies.

In these situations, Ninjas take advantage by using this weapon to pierce into the flesh of their enemy. Another way to fight using this weapon is to use it like knuckle dusters.

Ninjas concentrate on the eyes and ears of their enemies. Since these weapons are light and easy to carry it was one of the Ninja weapons of choice for male and female ninjas.

These were either worn separately or welded into a knuckle duster. The use of Kakute was effective when seizing an enemy’s throat.

Some schools were known for their use of this weapon like Seigo Ryum and Nanban Ippon Ryu. Even Saihoin Buan Ryu taught the art of warrior catching using this weapon.


Horned Finger

Kakute is referred to as the horned finger because it consists of a rather small ring embracing the finger and it has spikes welded on it. The crushing effect of the iron provides an additional effect of using this Ninja tool.

However, some deep wounds can result in the use of this tool. The result is dangerous and painful effects on the enemy. Ninja Kakute is also referred to as Kakushi. There are times when this was written with a character that means hidden hand.


  • Senriki. One toothed Ring
  • Senninriki. Two tooth Ring
  • Temanriki. One size fits all Kakute because there are cases when someone with larger hands can use this weapon but, those who have thinner fingers cannot. It was easy to adjust on the weapon to fit the fingers of the user with the help of Temanriki

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