Iaito Sword – Practice Sword

Name:  Iaito sword
Blade Length: Will depend on the height and strength of the user
Handle Length and Weight: Will depend on the height and strength of the user
Used By: Beginners; Practitioners of Iaido
Function: Japanese sword used for studying the art of Iaido
Place of Origin: Japan
Date Produced: After World War II
Special Features: Training Weapon to prepare you for using a real sword


Iaito is normally made of aluminum zinc alloy which is different from steel and must remain unsharpened, A magnet will not even stick to it. Some other Iaito swords like you can find in our shop are normally made of 1060 carbon steel and are non sharp and the cutting edge left dull. However, just like any other real sword this must be oiled and cared for. The Iaito sword is often being used by beginners who start to learn Iaido.

If you have trained with sharp blades you know it can be quite difficult. An advantage of using this sword is that since this is not a shinken it will bring the amount of risk involved practicing with a real sharp sword. The difference between a shinken Katana and a Iaito Katana is the forging process. Some people prefer using a material like aluminum zinc alloy as it is normally cheaper and lighter than steel. it is not suited for any kind of contact or sword fight. The use of aluminum alloy is a result of the strict anti-weapon laws placed on the Japanese by the Allied Occupation Government after World War II. Alloy was once use to make swords however a reasonable substitute would be to use a material of a relatively similar weight hence the use of aluminum zinc or beryllium alloy.

Buying Guide for Iaito Sword

If you like the swords from our website or app, you can choose a non sharpened sword, The weight and shape looks similar to a sharp sword which includes the finishing and fittings. Some Iaito sword can even feature a mock hamon. A hamon is a temper line made on differential hardened swords (Clay tempered). Some dojos in Japan recommend the use of Iaito blades until the user becomes highly skilled to safely use a live blade. For those who want to collect traditional folded Iaito, You can choose folded steel Iaito sword and have it customized with everything you want in a sword. Choosing Iaito blade will provide you with more safety and accuracy when performing Iaido waza or similar techniques. Since the training requires repetitive movements it is better to construct an Iaito with the balance point of the blade being set further from the blade point and closer to the tsuba or guard.

Choosing the Right Sword

Generally, beginners can opt for cheaper and reliable materials like 1060 carbon steel with iron fitting, which will ensure durability overtime, it is also advised to choose Saya with buffalo horn tips as during practice you will need to draw the sword and place it back in the saya, and until you perfect this, you might damage the saya slightly each time. If the collector is a Westerner the difference in hand size, height and strength shall also come into play in determining the right sword. The use of Iaito sword has spread through Iaido beginner practitioners of this martial arts form.