Great Sword

Great Sword

Great Sword

In this day and age, the great sword or also sometimes referred to as the grete swerd is mostly referred to as a huge or powerful weapon just like the Bighander.

In history, this weapon had the same use and function as the comparative description between a smaller weapon and a larger one; and because of this, the wielder of the greatsword should carry the weapon with two hands and also, it was a weapon that survived throughout the late Renaissance period.

It was also an excellent weapon for the battlefield especially against those opponents who wielded pikes.

The great sword was somewhat related to the long swords that were popular during the Middle Ages; it was developed during the Renaissance period just like the Outsized Specimens such as the Oakeshott type XIIIa or the XIIa.

The sword was very powerful and effective for battle, but it was also too heavy to be carried with just one hand; this is the reason why the weapon was made with a large grip to accommodate two hands when wielding the weapon.

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Origin of the Great Sword

The greatsword is categorized as the double-handed sword of the sixteenth century, the spatha of the Vikings and Romans, as well as the arming sword of the knights. The blade was referred to as the large weapons just like the big swords of Germany or the Grans Espees d’Allemagne.

As time passed, the length of swords began to increase except for the great sword which kept its appearance and size; it still remained as one of the largest weapons available so it was quite difficult to handle especially on horseback.

Because of this, the weapon somewhat lost its popularity since longswords took over the task when executing offensive attacks. At some point in history, the great sword eventually followed the general flow and evolution of blades which became thicker and more tapered.

Characteristics of the Sword

The great sword featured a double-edged blade with a width that measured around two to three inches with a base that was tapered to a point; its length ranged from fifty to seventy-two inches and had a handle that measured around eighteen to twenty-one inches in total. It also had an extended handle to allow the user to wield the weapon with both hands.

As for the weight, the great sword was around six to ten pounds and was utilized as a close range weapon capable of executing massive and powerful attacks.

Great Sword

The great sword was mainly used for slicing or cutting the enemy, plus it was also able to cut off the limbs or even the head of an opponent with just a single stroke.

The technology of European sword making that occurred during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period was quite able to create high-quality, durable, lightweight, as well as flexible steel blades that are excellent for cutting.

Even if the sword is durable and effective, it was not made to clash against heavy plate armor but it did evolve into something better and more efficient than the longswords that were primarily utilized for thrusting.

Over the centuries, the two handed great swords were utilized less for battling against armored opponents and instead, were used more for open battles wherein halberd and pike formations were combined with the introduced firearms.

Different Versions of the Great Sword

The great sword is the term used to characterize the long swords that were utilized during the medieval period and during that time, there were various blades that were categorized as the great swords.

The Scottish claymore sword was known as the great sword but the term can also be related to a variety of long swords that featured a double-handed grip; listed below are the different versions of the great sword:

Scottish Claymore

The claymore was utilized by the Scottish Highlanders in numerous battles during the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries; it is a weapon that featured a unique design and style and had a total measurement of about fifty-five inches.

The Scottish Claymore was also classified as a medieval long sword, and because of its length as well as its weight of five and a half pounds, it was required for the wielder to carry the weapon with two hands this was necessary to ensure that the sword would be utilized properly.

Its wheel pommel was capped by a crescent-like nut plus it also had a guard with straight forward slanting arms that ended in quatrefoils; languets also ran down the blade’s center from its guard.

Basket Hilted Sword

The basket hilted sword is a weapon that appeared during the early modern period and was depicted by a basket-shaped guard to protect the wielder’s hand.

Since the late Middle Ages, the presence of a basket hilt was due to the development of quillons on the crossguard of a sword; this weapon was mainly utilized as a military weapon, unlike the rapier which was known as a slender dueling weapon.

Great Sword

Additionally, the basket hilted sword was one of the developments of the sixteenth century which has gained a lot of popularity during the seventeenth century and throughout the remaining period of the eighteenth century; the weapon was also mostly used by the heavy cavalry and they wielded the weapon for battles until the Napoleonic period.

Great Sword for Sale

For anyone who wishes to add the greatsword to their growing collection of medieval pieces, one can find the greatsword for sale in various online weapon shops.

An individual can choose from two categories: the fully functional weapons weapons that an individual can utilize while undergoing training and practice and the decorative pieces great swords that are primarily made to be used as an adornment for one’s home or a piece to be included in a collection of medieval weapons and armor.

The Cold Steel Greatsword comes in a variety of designs yet it usually features a huge guard together with side rings; parrying hooks are also present which are necessary to allow the weapon to get choked up for close-range sword styles and techniques.

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