Chinese War Sword

Chinese Warsword

The Chinese War Sword was made popular by the twenty-ninth Army of the Chinese Nationalist group that fought against the Japanese during World War II.

The army battled and held their position for seven straight days and nights at Xifengkou, killing over three thousand enemies then.

Aside from being an efficient warsword, some of these also featured blades with spines that appeared like a saw; this suggests that the Chinese warsword can also be utilized as a tool for cutting items such as wood while also functioning as a weapon. It was also possible that someone retrieved a saw and forged this into the warsword.

Features of the Chinese Warsword

The length of the Chinese War Sword is almost the same as that of the Katana but its blade is much broader compared to the other.

Because of its size, the Chinese War Swords are durable and can readily withstand harsh and challenging battle conditions despite not going through a rigorous forging process like the Katana. Ease of production and high durability makes the warsword a widespread and popular weapon of choice among the Chinese.

Because of its broad size, the Chinese War Swords are heavy and can deliver a deadly blow. Legend has it that since the weapon was so effective that enemy heads could be easily sliced off with these weapons, and the Imperial Army of the Japanese were required to invent a metallic collar to protect themselves from getting beheaded on the battlefield.

Chinese War sword

The proportions of these weapons were not perfect and a lot of these pieces appeared as swords that have been carved from a steel block using a dull chisel. Some of the Chinese swords featured wooden handles while others were simply bound in cloth; most of the weapons were issued without any scabbards and were casually slung across the wielder’s back using a cord.

There were a few other pieces that were constructed finely with leather coverings and a lot of the weapons were issued in dull shades; despite this, some of the weapons sported very eye-catching crimson shaded handle wraps as well as flowing scarves. This variety and mix make the Chinese Warsword a very interesting weapon from history.

Advantage of the Chinese Warsword

The Chinese War Sword could be cheaply produced in almost any shop but China was obviously able to create contemporary weapons with varying quality depending on who forged this.

However, the warsword was still considered to be cheaper when arming the militias, home guards, and second-line troops with classic weapons such as the Chinese War Sword and the spear.

These troops often went through rudimentary training and despite not really being effective on the battlefield, they were adequate when dealing with traitors and maintaining order in the group.

Because of these factors, the cheapness of the warsword as a second-line weapon, together with the terror and fear that inspired this for public control ensured that the war sword survived all the way to the middle of the twentieth century.

Wielding the Chinese War Sword

The Chinese War Sword is commonly wielded by gripping its hilt and handle close to one’s body to allow adequate leverage to forcefully push the heavier blade’s attack.

This is due to the weapon’s weight which is much closer to the center of mass and chi (dantien), so the blade can be gripped much better. Swings can also be executed with more control and since the Chinese War Sword is held close, it is highly suitable for all close-range battles.

For other weapons such as the military sword and the rifle bayonet, the weapons feature a minimum effective range of about two to three feet from the user.

For other types of weapons during that period, the bayonet and the military sword have a minimum efficiency range of about two to three feet from the wielder; within that given range, the wielder will switch to another weapon or engage in unarmed battle.

However, the warsword will allow the wielder to execute slicing and stabbing techniques at certain ranges to render an enemy’s weapon ineffective. The Chinese War Sword is easy to maneuver and control since the wielder can keep this close to the body; this is the reason why the Military Saber of the Chinese was extremely effective during the second Sino-Japanese Battle.


The Chinese War Sword has always been a symbol of valor that is represented by the bravery and strength of the Chinese soldiers of World War II; they were individuals who fought utilizing the sword against the Japanese forces who were considered to be highly developed and advanced with their weapons.

In this day and age, the Chinese War Sword is known to be an inspiration and tool for those who engage in the martial arts and practice the numerous principles available.

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Chinese War Sword for Sale

In this day and age, the Chinese War Swords have once again become popular among those who practice Chinese martial arts. The increasing sense of nationalism within the country, as well as the growing curiosity about the West’s history, is concurring to bring back the Chinese Swords to the training hall after not being utilized for almost half a century.

Additionally, the weapon had also become so popular in 1920 and 1930 which led to the creation of the different styles and types of techniques that will help the practitioner when adequately utilizing the weapon.

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