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Medieval Spear

A spear is categorized as a pole weapon that is made up of a wooden shaft with a sharpened head. Its head may be the shaft’s sharpened end or it could also be made of another material that is linked [Read More...]

Medieval Swords

In the past, a large number of countries from all over the world have engaged in battle, but the period that was considered as one of the most savage and violent would be the Middle Ages. It was one of [Read More...]

Medieval Weapons

The Medieval Period was known as one of the most violent in the past: castles were created to act as bases while lands were mostly subject to invasions from powerful people. There were also regular threats of war which is [Read More...]

Medieval Armor

The medieval armor was considered as one of the most important equipment of every warrior who fought on the battlefield since it provided adequate protection from numerous weapons utilized in battle; the medieval armor is known to withstand attacks from [Read More...]

Medieval Axes

Together with the spear and the club, the medieval axe is among the oldest close combat weapons that have been utilized in history. The very first axes were used as weapons for protecting their land and these were probably the [Read More...]

Medieval Broadsword

The medieval broadsword is a weapon that features a broad blade that usually has two lethal cutting edges that has a measurement of around two to three inches wide. This weapon was mostly utilized by the medieval knights and the [Read More...]

Medieval Collectibles

Protecting and safeguarding each other during battles have always been a primary concern for every soldier, and medieval knights were no different from these individuals. In fact, it was the protective medieval armor of these individuals that defined them as [Read More...]

Medieval Helmets

Helms or helmets are one of the most vital pieces of the medieval armor during the middle ages and these have never really fallen out of use even to this day. Helmets have evolved and improved not just for military [Read More...]

Medieval Longsword

The medieval longsword is known as a kind of European blade that has become popular during the late medieval era, specifically around the years 1350 to 1550. Longswords generally feature lengthy cruciform hilts with grips that are over ten to [Read More...]

Medieval Mace

During the medieval period, the medieval mace was known as a great weapon of war that soldiers utilized to break the enemy’s chain mail or body armor. This was the period in England where the king’s bodyguards were called Sergeants-at-Arms [Read More...]

Medieval Shields

A shield is part of the medieval armor that is carried by hand or it can also be mounted on one’s forearm or wrist. These are utilized to block a few attacks that either come from arrows or other projectiles [Read More...]

Medieval Shop

History’s medieval period was indeed a violent and bloody one since the quest for power and wealth was greatly driven by a vicious society from numerous European countries. Huge stone castles were created to appear as the power base of [Read More...]